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Exploring Old Georgetown Neighborhoods: An 1885 Map
Take a journey back in time and explore the old Georgetown neighborhoods of 1885 with this map. Learn about the history of the area and discover the original patents of Mill Seat, Philadelphia, and Frogland.
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Exploring the Lost Neighborhood of Herring Hill in Georgetown, DC
Take a journey through the lost neighborhood of Herring Hill in Georgetown, DC. Learn about its history, including an interesting story from 1895, and explore the area with a Google Map!
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Smallpox Patient Roams the Streets of Georgetown and D.C. in 1881
Take a step back in time to 1881 Washington D.C. and Georgetown, where a smallpox patient was roaming the streets and spreading infection. Read the story of how it was dealt with in this article from The Washington Post.
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Check Out These Great Old Team Photos of Georgetown Prep's JV Basketball Team From 1911
Check out these amazing old team photos of Georgetown Prep's JV basketball team from 1911. Amazing uniforms! See the current team photo too.
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A Look at the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal in 1909
Get a glimpse of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal in 1909! View a photo of four boats crossing the Potomac Aqueduct Bridge owned by the Canal Towage Co. Learn more here.
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Remembering the Key Mansion: 3518 M St. NW in Georgetown
Take a look back at the Key Mansion, a two-story house located at 3518 M St. NW in Georgetown, Washington, DC. Learn more about the history of this house and its place in Georgetown today.
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Exploring Georgetown's Past: An 1874 Map of the City with Old Street Names
Take a journey back in time and explore Georgetown's past with this 1874 map of the city featuring the old street names. Check it out now!
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Taking a Look at Georgetown Maps from 1903
Take a journey through Georgetown's past with these detailed maps from 1903. Explore the buildings that still stand today and leave your comments below.
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How Things Stay the Same: Comparing Georgetown Students from 1895 to 1937
Explore the similarities between Georgetown students from 1895 and 1937 in this blog post. See photos of the classic 1937 photo of a Georgetown student flipping the bird and a sassy lady from Eastern High School.
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The Moving of a Georgetown Landmark: How Bellevue Became Dumbarton House
Visit the historic home of Bellevue in Upper Georgetown, DC, built around 1750 and once the residence of Joseph Nourse and a frequent guest of George Washington. Learn more and explore the area today!
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