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Key Bridge
Birth of Patti Sue Williams: Unbelievable Story of a Baby Born on Key Bridge in 1956
In an incredible story of a mother's dedication, The Washington Post reported in 1956 on the birth of Patti Sue Williams on Key Bridge in Fairfax. Read the article excerpts and find out whether you know this brave woman!
Plans for proposed building projects in Washington, D.C. Perspective view of concourse and entrance to Key Bridge, 1928
Key Bridge: An Incredible Proposed Design for an Entryway from 1928
Explore the incredible proposed design for an entryway to Key Bridge from 1928. This fascinating piece of architecture was never built and shows the approach from Rosslyn into Georgetown.
Drunk Guy Falls Off Key Bridge Railing
James Hall, a drunk 26-year-old, fell from Key Bridge as he did stunts on the railings to amuse onlookers.
`Key Bridge in 1965
Take a Look Back at Rosslyn in 1965 with this Photo
Check out this amazing photo of Rosslyn in 1965. We dug up this photo on Flickr and it was taken by Roger Wollstadt. Plus, don't miss our post from earlier in the week about a giant fire and explosion that rocked and almost destroyed Rosslyn.
boat club
A Photo of the Boat Club Above Aqueduct Bridge (or Key Bridge Today)
Take a look at this incredible photo of the boat club just above Aqueduct Bridge (or Key Bridge today). Source: D.C. Public Library.
Potomac Boat Club in 1921
The Potomac Boat Club in 1921: A Fascinating Look at the Past
Take a step back in time and explore the past with this fascinating photo of the Potomac Boat Club in 1921, standing in front of, what will soon become, the Key Bridge. See why this old photo is worth looking at!
Key Bridge under construction
The Construction of Key Bridge Connecting Georgetown and Rosslyn
Learn about the construction of Key Bridge, connecting Georgetown and Rosslyn, from 1917 to 1923. See a photo of the bridge under construction with the Washington Monument in the distance.
Beauty Contest Winner Washington Post headline
The Amazing Story of Leoma Davis, Beauty Queen Hero and Officer Sprinkle's Neighbor
Uncover the amazing story of Leoma Davis, a beauty queen hero who saved a man from drowning in the Potomac River in 1924. Learn how she was connected with Officer Sprinkle, who lived nearby her home in Washington, DC.
Hotel Fairfax. Simplified map of District of Columbia showing location of Hotel Fairfax (Library of Congress)
A Simplified Driving Map of the City for Tourists Exploring Popular Sites and Attractions
Check out this interesting find - a simplified driving map of the city for tourists trying to get around the popular sites and attractions. Click on the map for greater detail.

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