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er a thrilling chase through the busiest streets of Washington, ... a couple of bootleggers and their car come to grief at the hands of the Capitol police - January 21st, 1922

Police in Battle With Rum Car

Prohibition was a rowdy time in D.C., much like the rest of the country. The police had to deal with bootleggers constantly in the city. This article from the Washington Times illustrates that in dramatic fashion. The piece was written

Three giants of the Metropolitan Police Force - 1903 (Washington Times)

Three Giants of the Metropolitan Police Force

I came across an article in the Washington Times about three giants of the Washington police force … and I mean real “giants,” as in super tall cops. Well, super tall by standards back in 1903, not Gheorghe Muresan. Though

Join MPD

Come On! Join MPD in 1918; Free Street Car Rides (In Uniform)

Here is a terrific old advertisement from 1918, soliciting young men between 22 and 35 to join the Metropolitan Police Department (a limited number of intelligent and educated women will also be considered). Click on the advertisement for some greater

The Midget Policeman: Julius Daranyi

Yesterday’s post was popular, and thanks to GoDCer Mark’s tweet, I have another oddity to share with you. Below is a scene you’re not likely to see today at 14th and G. This is Julius Daranyi who had arrived in

Police call box at 13 1/2 and D St. NW in 1912 (Wikipedia)

Old Police Call Boxes of Washington

Most of you probably walk right by those old police boxes scattered throughout the city. Some of them have been turned into miniature art exhibits — like the ones in Mt. Pleasant. Check out the video above of Sgt. Nicholas

Lieutenant J. L. Sprinkle

Officer Sprinkle Breaks Up Street Brawl

Here’s a daily dose of DCPD badass Officer Sprinkle. Do not mess with this guy. He means business. Also, this sounds like a little bit of a salacious love triangle. The following story was published in the Washington Post on

Inside the District jail during Christmas around 1920 (Library of Congress)

Herbert Copeland: The Last Person Hanged in D.C.

A brief article tells the tale of the last execution by hanging in the District. Copeland was a cop killer and had murdered three policemen in cold blood in May 1918. He shot and killed Officer Conrad and Deputy Sheriff

Chinatown Gate

Washington’s Chinese Mafia Wars

The opium den post of last week was the first foray into old Chinatown research, but I’ve uncovered a gold mine of fascinating local history. You probably were unaware of this, but in the 1920s, there was a brutal criminal

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