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Major General Peter C. Haines, Retired
Hains Point: How Did It Get Its Name?
Hains point is named for Peter Conover Hains, a prominent Major General in the U.S. Army and served in the Civil War, Spanish-American War and World War I.
World War I - doughboys
World War I "Bombing" on Wisconsin Ave.
Many don't know the extent of chemical warfare experiment that were conducted on and near the university grounds during the Great War.
Washington, D.C., circa 1918. "World War I. Food Administration electric signs, 7th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue N.W." National Photo Co.
A Blast from the Past: 7th and Pennsylvania Ave. During World War I
Take a step back in time with this incredible old photo of 7th and Pennsylvania Ave. during World War I. Get a glimpse of what the streets of DC looked like during the war! #WWI #DC #History
1917 - State, War, and Navy Building
A Spectacular Sight: 1917 Photo of the State, War, and Navy Building Flying French, U.S., and British Flags
A spectacular sight from 1917: French, U.S., and British flags flying from the State, War, and Navy Building. View the photo and read more here!
Two Curtiss JN-4H "Jenny" airmail planes parked at the temporary airmail field at Washington, DC’s Polo Field, a small strip of grassy land between the Tidal Basin and Potomac River.
A Look Back at the U.S. Postal Service Plane from 1918
Take a look back at the history of the U.S. Postal Service with this amazing photo of a plane from 1918. Learn more about this incredible piece of American history!
John Henry Balch, Corpsman, U.S. Navy, visiting Washington, D.C., in June 1917 [at Columbus statue at Union Station], while awaiting shipment overseas. The Marine on the right is not identified. [Portraits.] [Scene, World War I, World War 1.] John Henry Balch. 06/1917; NH 80571; Courtesy of Commander J.H. Balch, U.S. Navy (retired), 1974.
Marines Await Shipment Out for WWI: A Photo from Union Station in Washington, DC
GoDCer Michael sent in this amazing photo of two marines awaiting shipment out for World War I at Union Station in Washington, DC. See the photo and read more about the story behind it.
Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 11.04
Discovering History Through Old Photos: Camp Meigs in 1918
Explore Camp Meigs in the summer of 1918 through two beautiful old photos. Learn about history and discover the past with these stunning images!
soldiers rolling through Washington on trucks
Pictures Tell a Story: Exploring a 1918 Photo of WWI Soldiers in DC
Explore a 1918 photo of World War I soldiers motoring through Washington, DC with pictures. Look at the soldiers, woman, bucket, and more to see what stories can be found in the photo.
tank rolling through Washington during World War I
Uncovering the Mystery of the Tank Rolling Through Washington in 1918
Take a look back in time to 1918 and uncover the mystery of the tank rolling through Washington. See the photo and learn more about this historic moment.
wireless operators advertisement - 1918
A Look Back at a WWI Wireless Operators Advertisement
Take a look back in time at a WWI wireless operators advertisement from 1918. This ad was printed in the Washington Herald newspaper.

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