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Major General Peter C. Haines, Retired

Hains Point: How Did It Get Its Name?

Hains point is named for Peter Conover Hains, a prominent Major General in the U.S. Army and served in the Civil War, Spanish-American War and World War I.

Panoramic Photos of Camp Meigs in 1918

What a great old photo from World War I. These photos show Camp Meigs in 1918. Source: U.S. National Archives Source: Library of Congress

Washington, D.C., circa 1918. "Robert Hall, group." in color

A Comparative Look at the Colorized Photo of a WWI Bond Scene

Take a look at this comparative photo of a WWI bond scene by Shorpy. See the colorized photo that replicates Joseph Leyendecker's BSA Liberty Loan poster. View the before and after photos to compare the history in full color!

The Unusual Arrest of Five-Year-Old Gus Oputz in 1908 Washington D.C.

This is an odd story from the Washington Times. The paper reported on August 11th, 1908 the arrest of a young five-year-old. Yes, a little kid was arrested and it's a bizarre story. Learn more about the unusual arrest of five-year-old Gus Oputz in Washington D.C. in 1908.

Capitol Building after World War I Armistace Day (DC Public Library Commons)

Celebrating the End of World War I in Washington, DC

Celebrate the end of WWI with Washington, DC! Take a look at photos and videos of the unbelievable scenes of joy, celebration and delirious emotion that gripped the nation's capital on Armistice Day.

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