Historical Events / 24.02.2012

December 10th, 1913 -- Over 4,000 Temperance movement and Prohibition supporters marched in Washington, demanding a new constitutional amendment banning alcohol consumption in the United States. A demonstration of this size had never been seen before. They marched to the Capitol, where Congressman Richard Hobson from Alabama and Senator Morris Sheppard of Texas greeted them. The two introduced legislation to their respective chambers of Congress.
If Walls Could Talk / 23.02.2012

I'm a little tardy with delivering this next "If Walls Could Talk" ... sorry. The winner of our second IWCT poll is the H Street hot spot, Smith Commons (I don't think I like that acronym). I came across some interesting stories related to the spot at 1245 H St. NE, not to mention my favorite D.C. police officer. The next time you hit up happy hour at Smith Commons, you'll have plenty to talk about with you friendly bartender.