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Washington Post headline - December 29th, 1924

Man Killed and Gunman Seized in Daylight Brawl

Below is a story we came across from The Washington Post, printed on December 29th, 1924. Remember, this was during the depths of Prohibition, so beer was non-alcoholic (and pretty terrible). George King and Joe Nally, said by police to be

Aerial view of Pennsylvania Avenue looking west, showing Federal Triangle and the National Mall. (2006)

Why Is It Named Federal Triangle?

Do you know the origin of the name “Federal Triangle”? Did you know that at one point the area was called “Pennsylvania Avenue Triangle”?

1921 map of Bellevue Highlands

1921 Map of Bellevue Highlands, Southwest D.C.

Take a look at this old map, showing Bellevue at the bottom of the District, or I should say, what would become Bellevue. The map has the area listed as Bellevue Highlands, and surely there were quite a few farms

1920 Washington Senators

Washington Senators 1920 Spring Training Photo

This photo shows the Washington Senators team during spring training of 1920. They came in sixth place out of eight that year, finishing 68-84. A short few years later, they would be world champs. Source: Detroit Public Library

Manager Stanley Harris, in the grandstand, presents President Coolidge with the baseball used to open the 1924 World Series (October 4th, 1924)

President and Mrs. Coolidge Go to World Series

The Washington Senators were in the World Series in 1924, and ultimately would come away victorious. What you might not know is that Grace Coolidge (she also spent some time in Columbia Heights) was a huge baseball fan. Her husband,

Tornado Slams Into Washington in 1927

On November 17th, 1927 a large tornado ripped through the area, destroying over 200 homes in D.C. and 300 structures in Alexandria. Up to 50 people were injured, but we only found one reported death, which was the result of

Alexandria real estate advertisement (1920)

Locate These Mystery 1920 Alexandria Homes

Can you find these homes today? I did some sleuthing and the best I could come up with was E Walnut St between Little St. and Mt. Vernon Ave. The directions in the advertisement seem to hint at that location

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