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An Analysis of the 1900 Washington Post Article on Horses and Automobiles
This analysis of a 1900 Washington Post article on the advent of automobiles shows a disregard for the new technology, with horse dealers even calling it a fad. A photo of 14th and Pennsylvania in 1918 shows both horses and automobiles.
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No More Foreign Cars! They're an Abomination - A Look Back at the Hyperbole of 1909
Nearly 110 years ago, The Baltimore Sun published an opinion piece decrying foreign cars as an abomination and a detriment to the economy. Take a look back at the hyperbolic yet surprisingly familiar rhetoric of 1909 America.
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Buick Motor Company in Washington DC
This Buick Motor Company ad from the October 4, 1913 edition of the Washington Times was too good not to post! The Buick Motor Company was located at 1028 Connecticut Ave, NW. Source: Library of Congress, Washington Times It reads: How are you going to deliver the goods? The telephone has made your delivery service the backbone of your business. Where there is life there is a limit of...
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Help Identify This 1950s Location
We came across these beautiful photographs on Flickr and had to share them with GoDCers. It appears to be an old car getting in need of some repairs after an accident. The vehicle appears to be a Dodge (anyone able to identify the model?). Also, we’re trying to dig through old archives and advertisements to see where this might have been. If you think you know, please post in the comments below. Source:...
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U.S. Mail Truck in 1916
Any idea where this might be? I’m going to guess that we won’t figure it out given the inability to make out the house numbers. Nevertheless, if you’re up for a challenge this weekend, see if you can identify this spot. Washington, D.C., 1916. “Post Office Department mail wagon.” With a slogan we can all get behind. Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. Source:...
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A Look Back in Time: Photos of Popular Driving Spots in and Around Washington from April 10th, 1915
Take a look back in time with this series of photos from popular driving spots around Washington as seen in the Washington Times on April 10th, 1915.
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A Picture of Traffic Heading Up Route 1 Towards Maryland - It Doesn't Look That Bad!
Get an interesting look at traffic heading up Route 1 towards Maryland - you might be surprised to see that it doesn't look that bad! Check out this photo from 1940 for a snapshot of what it looked like then.
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The History of the One-Way Rules on the Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway
Trace the history of the one-way rules on the Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway, from its start in 1938 to when it was extended in 1939. Learn how many policemen it takes to change it from two-way to one-way!
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Admiring the Style and Technology of a 1938 Photo
Step back in time to 1938 with this amazing photo of two cars - a Ford on the left and a brand new Mercury on the right. Admire their styles and appreciate the technology advances of the era when men dressed up!
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The Rise of the Traffic Light Robber: Carjacking in 1927 Washington, D.C.
Read about the rise of a unique carjacker in 1927 Washington, D.C. What started as an idea on a walk down Massachusetts Avenue resulted in four robberies and one arrest. Discover the story of the Traffic Light Robber today!
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