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Griffith Stadium Meets the Wrecking Ball
The site of so many wonderful baseball and football memories, Griffith Stadium, had its life ended by the brutal swings of a wrecking ball in 1965. The hapless doormat of the American League, the Washington Senators stopped playing in there after the 1961 season, after which, the days were numbered.
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We Finally Found a High-Res Image of Griffith Stadium
Searching for a high-res image of Griffith Stadium? We found one at the National Archives. Check it out and learn more about the history of Griffith Stadium with GhostsofDC.
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Washington Senators' Last World Series
In the 1925 World Series, the Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the defending champion Washington Senators in seven games.
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Incredible Photos From the 1956 Major League Baseball All-Star Game
We found these incredible photos from the 1956 Major League Baseball All-Star Game on Twitter. See the amazing images from Griffith Stadium in Washington at Ghostsofdc.org.
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Nationals Ballpark Destroyed by Fire Three Weeks Before Opening Day
GoDCer Rych sent in a couple great photos which piqued our interest in the fire that destroyed our old ballpark. No, not Griffith Stadium (where was the stadium and what did it look like like?), but the one before that. The year was 1911 and the Washington Nationals (aka, Senators) were coming off a sad seventh place finish in the American League. Only the miserable St. Louis Browns (becoming...
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Walter Johnson's 18-Inning Performance: A Look Back at May 15th, 1918
On May 15th, 1918, Walter Johnson delivered an unforgettable performance as he pitched 18 innings in one game and won against the defending World Series Champion Chicago White Sox. Read to learn more about this incredible game and how it happened!
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Celebrating the 89th Anniversary of the Washington Senators Opening Game at Griffith Stadium
Celebrate the 89th anniversary of the Washington Senators opening game at Griffith Stadium against the New York Yankees. Read more about the game, Walter Johnson, Lou Gehrig, and Babe Ruth's 1925 season!
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A Closer Look at Griffith Stadium in 1925
Take a closer look at the historic Griffith Stadium in 1925 with this aerial photo. Study the details of the houses in the neighborhood, people on the field and more. What do GoDCers think, and what else can you see in this photo?
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Where Was Griffith Stadium in Washington?
Griffith Stadium was the home of the Washington Senators. It sat just north of Florida Ave near Howard University.
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Exploring the Fascinating Faces in a 1924 World Series Crowd Shot
Step back in time and explore the fascinating faces in a 1924 World Series crowd shot. From African-American men in a sea of white faces to ghostly figures, there's something for everyone!
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Rowdy Rock 'n' Roll: Fats Domino Banned From Griffith Stadium
Beer wasn’t the only thing banned from Griffith Stadium. Rock ‘n’ roll music was not allowed either. The Washington Post wrote about Fats Domino being banned from performing at Griffith Stadium in August 1957. District Commissioners yesterday banned rock ‘n’ roll king Fats Domino’s scheduled Griffith Stadium performance next month–a decision expected to...
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Women Dancing on the Field at a 1924 Washington Nationals Game
Step back in time to 1924 and witness a bizarre sight - women dancing on the field at a Washington Nationals game. Thanks to Vanished Americana for this gem.
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A Look Back at the 1945 Washington Senators: The Last Time Washington Battled for a Pennant in the Final Weeks of the Season
Take a look back at the last time Washington was in the running for a pennant! GoDCer Marty from Chevy Chase, MD shares the story of the 1945 Washington Senators, the last time a Washington baseball team battled for a pennant in the final weeks of the season.
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Griffith Stadium: From Prohibition to Beer Gardens in 1956
Learn the history of Griffith Stadium, where owner Clark Griffith was an adamant prohibitionist before finally allowing the sale of beer in 1956. Read all about it here!
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The Homestead Grays: A Nostalgic Look at the Negro League Baseball Team
Take a nostalgic look at the Homestead Grays, the Negro League baseball team that was founded in Pittsburgh and eventually closing out their existence at Griffith Stadium. Watch the whole video for appearances from former Mayor Anthony Williams and a great history lesson.
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Babe Ruth's Last Hurrah in Washington - His 1934 Final Series at Griffith Stadium
Babe Ruth and the Yankees came to Washington in September 1934 for one final hurrah. Read the Washington Post article from the next day honoring the hero's 22-year career and learn about his 708th and last career home run in a Yankees uniform.
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The Washington Senators and the Philadelphia Athletics: A Crowd of 460 Witnessed a 5-4 Comeback Win
The Washington Senators faced off against the Philadelphia Athletics in 1954 in front of a crowd of only 460. The Senators made a comeback, winning 5-4. Check out the box score and related articles here.
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Babe Ruth Runs Into Wall; Knocked Unconscious
I can guarantee you will never see a player do this today. Babe Ruth was knocked unconscious for five whole minutes and stayed in the game, going 3 for 3 ... AND played the second game of a double header. A player gets pulled today for a hangnail.
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We Want Beer! The 1937 All-Star Game at Griffith Stadium
This … picture … is … awesome. This is why I love baseball. Lou Gehrig, Joe Cronin, Bill Dickey, Joe DiMaggio, Charlie Gehringer, Jimmie Foxx, and Hank Greenberg at Griffith Stadium in Washington, DC – July 7th, 1937 (Library of Congress) I could almost end the post with just this picture because it’s just that amazing. The 1937 Major League Baseball All-Star Game...
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