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Andre The Giant Almost Played for the Redskins?
Wait, Andre the Giant tried out for the Washington Redskins? Did that really happen? You have to read more to find out the story.
Concept Model of the National Air Museum
Early Rejected Designs for the National Air and Space Museum
In 1958, President Eisenhower approved plans for a National Air Museum. See some of the fascinating and beautiful designs that didn't make it.
Screenshot 2022-02-19 3.20
Exploring the Atlas District: A 1921 Map of Officer Sprinkle's Neighborhood
Explore the Atlas District of Washington, DC in 1921 with this map of Officer Sprinkle's neighborhood. Requested by GoDCer Vaughn. Enjoy!
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Celebrating Georgetown University's Class of 2019 & Their Predecessors from the Class of 1925
Celebrating Georgetown University's Class of 2019 and their predecessors from the historic Class of 1925. Take a little inspiration from this lovely photo showing their predecessors graduating in the late spring of 1925.
Cleveland Heights - 1889
1889 Cleveland Park Real Estate Ad
At the time, Grover Cleveland lived north of the city in a lovely old estate called Oak Hill. Eventually, the neighborhood that grew up around his home was named for him: "Cleveland Park".
1890s streetcar in DC
Step Back in Time: Take a Look at What a D.C. Streetcar Looked Like Over 100 Years Ago
Take a trip back in time and see what a D.C. streetcar looked like well over 100 years ago. Click on the image for more details and soak up the nostalgia.
1921 map of Bellevue Highlands
Exploring the Last Farm in the District: A Look at the 1921 Map of Bellevue Highlands
Take a look at this 1921 map of Bellevue Highlands, showing what would become Bellevue. Read up on the last farm in the city and click on the map to zoom in and see more details. Source: Library of Congress.
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Why Is It Named Woodley Park?
The namesake in England no longer stands as it was torn down in 1962, but the one in Woodley Park is still there. In 1950 it became the property of the Maret School and currently serves as a library and administrative building.
sign at the National Zoo
A Look Back at the National Zoo Sign from 1943 and the Lion Statues in House of Cards
Take a look back at the amusing sign posted at the National Zoo in 1943 and the history behind the lion statues in the opening credits of House of Cards. Source: Library of Congress.
Connecticut Avenue Highlands advertisement in 1910
A Look Back at Connecticut Avenue Highlands (Now Cleveland Park) in 1910
Take a look back at Connecticut Avenue Highlands (now Cleveland Park) in 1910 with this old advertisement. Check out more of our awesome old ads here!
cuban war mission to the u.s. capt. tabio; lazama; carricarti; gen. marti; kear; wittermyer; vander gutch, naval attache at cuban legation; maj. e
Revisiting History: A Look at the Cuban War Mission to the United States in 1917
Take a look back in time to 1917 when the Cuban War Mission visited the United States. See photos and learn more about the mission with this historical revisit.
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V Drive - April 1919
Remembering the Opening of the V Drive at Treasury in 1919
Take a look back at the opening of the V Drive at Treasury in April 1919, thanks to GoDCer Jim for sharing this photo via Facebook. His cousin Catherine has it hanging on her wall!
Howard University of 1919
Dive into History: An Incredible Advertisement from Howard University in 1919
Take a trip back in time and explore this incredible advertisement from Howard University in 1919! Learn more about this fascinating piece of history.
Hank's Oyster Bar Old Town
Hank's Oyster Bar Old Town History
What's the history behind Hank's Oyster Bar's building in Alexandria? 1026 King St. was built in the late 19th century.
1857 Inauguration
Rare Photograph of James Buchanan's Inauguration at the East Front of the Capitol Building
Check out this rare photo of James Buchanan's Inauguration at the East Front of the Capitol Building on March 4th, 1857. It's a little blurry and not the highest resolution, but amazing nevertheless. Click on the top image and find out what you see.

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