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The Silver Sightseer: Washington D.C.’s Air-Conditioned Tourist Trolley
The Silver Sightseer streetcar gave cool, narrated tours of Washington D.C.'s famous landmarks in the late 1950s. Read about this one-of-a-kind, air-conditioned trolley that was specially decorated before it tragically burned down years later when the streetcar system closed.
Smithsonian Institution Building, “The Castle,” c. 1867.
The Enduring Legacy of the Smithsonian Castle: A Symbol of Knowledge and Resilience
Explore the history and significance of the Smithsonian Castle in Washington D.C. Learn how this architectural gem served as a symbol of unity and enlightenment during the tumultuous post-Civil War era and its evolving role as the heart of the Smithsonian Institution. Discover how the Castle has endured as a treasured national landmark for over a century.
1881 political cartoon showing Guiteau holding a gun and a note that says "An office or your life!" The caption for the cartoon reads "Model Office Seeker." (Wikipedia)
President Garfield's Assassin: Charles Guiteau's Time in Washington
Learn about Charles Guiteau's time in Washington before he assassinated President James Garfield. He believed he had played a major role in Garfield's election victory, for which he should have been rewarded with a consulship.
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Where Can You Have an Embassy in Washington, D.C.?
You can't build an embassy anywhere in D.C. Check out this map from 1987 showing where it's okay to have your diplomatic mission in Washington, D.C.
Congressman Wilbur Mills and exotic dancer Fanne Foxe speak with reporters outside Foxe’s dressing room in 1974. (Bettmann Archive via Getty Images)
Congressman and Exotic Dancer Sex Scandal
To sum up the bizarre incident, the Congressman's Lincoln was pulled over the the wee hours around 2 a.m. by the park police near the Tidal Basin. Apparently Mills' nose was bleeding and he had scratches on his face.
11th and L St. NW in the 1920s
A Tale of Two Cities: Comparing a 1920s Photo of Washington D.C. to Today's Google Street View
Take a look at this side-by-side comparison of a 1920s photo of Washington D.C. from L St. NW and what the same area looks like today on Google Street View. See how the city has changed!
1877 view of the Washington Monument under construction as seen from the Tower of the Smithsonian (now the Smithsonian Castle)
1877 View of the Washington Monument Under Construction as Seen from the Smithsonian
See what the Washington Monument looked like in 1877, as seen from the Tower of the Smithsonian (now the Smithsonian Castle). This stunning view shows the Monument under construction, a testament to the resilience of the nation.
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Washington Post headline - December 29th, 1924
The Wild Story of Good Old Tom Brady's Murder During Prohibition
During the depths of Prohibition, an infamous crime was committed in a near-beer saloon in Washington, DC. Read the wild story of Good Old Tom Brady's murder, as told in December 1924 edition of The Washington Post.
The Fascinating Story of a Prohibition Raid Gone Wrong in Adams Morgan
Discover the amazing, true story of a Prohibition raid gone wrong in Adams Morgan in 1928. Read about the raid and subsequent legal problems for the proprietors, the trial, and the bizarre disappearance of a jury member!
Why Is It Named Woodley Park?
The namesake in England no longer stands as it was torn down in 1962, but the one in Woodley Park is still there. In 1950 it became the property of the Maret School and currently serves as a library and administrative building.
Moran family grave marker at Holy Rood Cemetery
Uncovering the Stories Behind the Names on Headstones at D.C.'s Holy Rood Cemetery
Take a stroll through one of D.C.'s less visited cemeteries, Holy Rood Cemetery, and discover the stories behind the names on the headstones. From prominent doctors to Irish immigrants, uncover the past lives of the city's regular Washingtonians.
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1909 map of Observatory Circle
An Outstanding Map of the Area Around the Current Vice President's Residence
Take a look at this outstanding map of the area around the current Vice President's residence off of Mass. Ave. Get a glimpse into what the area looked like over a hundred years ago and explore the history of this unique area.
Howard University of 1919
Dive into History: An Incredible Advertisement from Howard University in 1919
Take a trip back in time and explore this incredible advertisement from Howard University in 1919! Learn more about this fascinating piece of history.
Mary Winsor (Penn.) '17 [holding Suffrage Prisoners banner]
Mary Winsor of Pennsylvania and Her Dedication to the National Woman's Party in 1917
Mary Winsor of Pennsylvania was a devoted supporter of the National Woman's Party in 1917. She was the founder and president of the Limited Suffrage Society and was sentenced to 60 days at the Occoquan Workhouse for picketing. Learn more about her incredible dedication and legacy.
Photograph shows lights beaming from the top of the Washington Monument at night, also large lights on the ground, directed up, illuminating the sides.
An Unforgettable Photo of the Washington Monument on Armistice Night, 1921
Take a look at this remarkable photo of the Washington Monument on Armistice Night in 1921. See how different the monument looks compared to this other photo. An unforgettable image!

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