Washington, DC history

The lost and untold history of Washington, DC.

View of Washington and the Potomac from Georgetown in 1865

Faces & Places of Yesterday

View of Washington from Georgetown Heights in 1865

It’s often hard to believe how rural much of Washington appeared in the 19th century. This is one of those photographs that you marvel at for a while. The image shows a view of Washington, down...

Notable People & Places

West Front of the Capitol Building Around 1910

What an incredible photo of the Capitol Building. This is from between 1905 and 1915, part of the Detroit Publishing Company collection at the Library of Congress.

A Personal Story

Miriam Grew Up to be a ‘Million Dollar’ Realtor

Photos like this really captivate us. This is Miriam Auerbach at the age of 12 in 1924. Her father was Joseph Auerbach, clothing store merchant from Germany, who had arrived in the U.S. in 1906. He...

Faces & Places of Yesterday

1863 Photograph Down New Jersey Ave.

This is an incredible view down New Jersey Ave. in 1863. The caption reads: Southeast view with New Jersey Ave. on the right and A Street and B Street (i.e., Independence Ave.) in the foreground; view...

taxi driver in Washington around 1935

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Who Was This Taxi Driver?

What a great shot. I only wish we knew this guy’s name, where he lived, what he did and what happened to him. He was a taxi driver in Washington around 1935 when this photograph was...

Men and gun of 3d Massachusetts Heavy Artillery at ornamental gate of Fort Totten

Faces & Places of Yesterday

When Ft. Totten Really Was a Fort

Have you ever wondered what Fort Totten looked like? Here is a photograph from just after the Civil War in 1865, showing men from the 3rd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery at the fort’s gate.

Faces & Places of Yesterday

The Flapper and Her Garter Flask

Hey, everyone’s gotta have some hooch or giggle water every now and then right? At least this young woman things so, stashing a flask right in her garter belt. Nobody will look down there.

a death warrant being read to inmate Wirz on the gallows

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Hanging a Confederate War Criminal

Here is a macabre photo share for a rainy Sunday. A death warrant is being read to a man about to be hanged. The man on the gallows is Henry Wirz, a confederate captain, being executed...

Shoppers at the outdoor food market, 7th Street at Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. View looking up 7th Street, ca. 1900

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Shoppers on Pennsylvania Ave. (1900)

Here’s a great photo to share on a lazy Saturday.

The Willard Hotel in 1904, view up 14th St. NW

Notable People & Places

The New Willard Hotel in 1904

Here is a great old photo to close out the day. This is the Willard Hotel in 1904, viewed looking up 14th St. to the right and Pennsylvania Ave. to the left. Click on the image...

Officers Wallace, Trundle and Johnson (Washington Post)

From the Crazy Vault

Police Save Soldier From Suicide Leap at the Willard

Here’s a crazy story for you from the 1940s. This was published in the Washington Post on June 4th, 1949. A young Air Force private was grabbed from a ninth-floor ledge of the Willard Hotel yesterday...

Department of Treasury in 1860

Notable People & Places

Amazingly Detailed Photo of Treasury Department in 1860

Take a look at this amazing photograph from 1860. You’re looking across 15th St. where Pennsylvania Ave. turns to cross in front of the building and the White House. Share this one on Facebook with your...

Historical Events

Counting Electoral College Votes in 1917

This is another great photo, again from the Library of Congress. The caption states that it is the counting of electoral votes for the 1916 Presidential Election, in which Woodrow Wilson beat Charles Hughes. I’m unclear...

Construction of the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., May 10, 1893

Notable People & Places

Library of Congress Under Construction [PHOTO]

We came across this photo at the Library of Congress (how meta). Click on it for greater detail.

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Christ Church in Alexandria During the Civil War

The next time you’re cruising around Alexandria, you need to swing by Christ Church. I hate to admit it, but prior to this photograph, I was not familiar with the church. Now, I will be heading...

Looking southwest at the Old Post Office Pavilion (far left), Southern Railway Building (middle), and District Building on Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C., in 1932. On in the fall of 1932, the structures in rear of the District Building would be razed to make way for the U.S. Department of Labor building, whose cornerstone would be laid on December 15, 1932

Faces & Places of Yesterday

View from the Willard Hotel’s Roof

Wow. I think this photo speaks for itself. What an amazing shot of what would become Federal Triangle.

Portrait of Abraham Lincoln by Matthew Brady

Notable People & Places

Abraham Lincoln by Mathew Brady

What an amazing photograph by Mathew Brady.

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Merry Christmas From the Secretary of the Navy (1922)

The family below is celebrating, what appears to be, a very formal Christmas. Look how stiff the father is … he happens to be Edwin Denby, Secretary of the Navy. The 10-year-old boy in this photo...