Washington, DC history

The lost and untold history of Washington, DC.

Washington, D.C. A street scene showing street cars crossing at 14th Street and New York Avenue, photographed from a building near the Lotus Club

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Detailed 1939 Photo of Intersection at 14th and New York

Here’s a great shot of the intersection of New York Avenue and 14th Street from 1939. Source: Library of Congress

GoDCers Love Maps

Stranger’s Guide and Map of Washington in 1892

If you were heading to the nation’s capital in 1892 (not for the World’s Fair of course), a map like this would have been extremely helpful. Even now, though the streets are logically laid out in...

headline - April 8th, 1921

Other Cool Stuff

Risque Films Banned in D.C.

We’re not exactly talking about pornography (there was a time when D.C. had plenty of that). This is a headline that we came across from April 8th, 1921, the beginning of the Roaring Twenties. An article...

Crandall's Theater, 9th & E, N.W.

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Crandall’s Theater: Coolest Theater South of the North Pole

You have to love the advertisement hanging on the side of the theater. This was Crandall’s Theater at 9th and E St. NW, sometime in the 1920s. Source: Library of Congress

Georgetown University from observatory (Library of Congress)

From the Crazy Vault

Scandal: Georgetown Dean’s Assistant Arrested for Embezzlement

That might be a headline that tricks you (if you’re not a frequent GoDC reader), but this was a juicy article we came across in the Washington Post from August 16th, 1903, almost 110 years ago....

Teddy Roosvelt and the oath of office in 1905

Historical Events, Notable People & Places

Photo of Teddy Roosevelt’s Oath of Office

Here’s a cool photo from Teddy Roosevelt’s inauguration on March 4th, 1905. Chief Justice Melville Fuller is administering the oath of office to Teddy Roosvelt. Click on it for some amazing details. Source: Library of Congress...

Washington, D.C. Ex-Confederate iron-clad ram Stonewall at anchor; U.S. Capitol in the background

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Wow … Ex-Confederate Ironclad Anchored in Washington

This is an amazing image. It shows the Confederate Ironclad Stonewall in 1865, anchoring in Washington. What’s amazing, is right between the masts, you can see the Capitol Dome. Source: Library of Congress And we did...

waterfront view of Georgetown in the 1790s

Notable People & Places

William Corcoran: Georgetown Could Have Been Bigger Than Baltimore

That claim might come as  a shock to you, but the city’s most famous and wealthy resident of the 19th century, William Corcoran was asked his opinion about Georgetown’s prospects had the city of Washington not...

Dog, Pets, Etc classified ads in the Evening Star

Old Ads & Classifieds

Dog Cemetery at 14th and V Streets?

Is there a former pet cemetery at 14th and V Street NW? Check out this old ad from the Evening Star on July 16th, 1907. The address listed below, 2116 14th St. NW is the building...

Our American Cousin

Historical Events

Friday, April 14th, 1865: Broadside for Our American Cousin

This is incredible. It’s the actual broadside advertising the play being held at Ford’s Theatre on Friday, April 14th, 1865. This was the play Lincoln and his wife chose to attend. Click the image for great...

map of St. Elisabeth

GoDCers Love Maps

Awesome Map of “St. Elisabeth” in 1867

This is a terrific old map from 1867 that we dug up at the Library of Congress. The land on top of which St. Elizabeths Hospital was built had been referred to as St. Elisabeth since...

Plan of the Navy Yard at Washington, D.C. : showing the position and dimensions of all the buildings as they were June 1st 1881.

GoDCers Love Maps

Plan for the Navy Yard in 1881

We found this great old plan for the Washington Navy Yard at the Library of Congress. It shows the position and dimensions of all the buildings as they were on June 1st, 1881. Source: Library of...

Birdseye view of the National Capital, including the site of the proposed World's Exposition of 1892 and Permanent Exposition of the Three Americas

Lost History

Proposed 1892 World’s Fair That Didn’t Happen in D.C.

Source: Library of Congress The World’s Fair or World’s Columbian Exposition was the celebration of the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ arrival in the New World. Several cities vied for the privilege of hosting the fair, including...

Capitol Bldg., seen from atop Washington Monument, Washington, D.C.

Notable People & Places

View of the Capitol from the Washington Monument

Good Morning GoDCers! Unfortunately, we’re getting to the point where we have posted so many items that we can’t remember what we have posted. Hopefully this is not one of the photos we previously posted. Nevertheless,...

The President's Manion in 1850

Notable People & Places

1850 Stereoscopic Photo of the President’s Mansion

What a great photo. We found another terrific source of images, though, unfortunately they’re not high resolution. Source: New York Public Library

Clark Griffith in 1912

From GoDCers, Notable People & Places

Amazing Checkered Coat on Senators’ Skipper Clark Griffith

Thanks to GoDCer Ben for sending in this great photo of Clark Griffith in 1912. Look at the ridiculously awesome checkered coat he’s wearing. Source: uni-watch.com

homes in Lyon Park

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Arlington GoDCers, Can You Identify This Block?

Here’s another challenge for you Arlington folks. This is a photo taken around 1921, and it shows a few homes in Lyon Park. Any idea where this is or if these homes still exist? Source: Library...

View of Alexandria, Va., showing new engine house in which sixty engines can be stored in working order

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Great Civil War Photograph of Alexandria

We dug up a great old photo of Alexandria from a distance the other day, and found another gem at the Library of Congress. What do you recognize in this photo? Source: Library of Congress