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The lost and untold history of Washington, DC.

Hotel Washington entrance

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Three Stories From Hotel Washington

If you've lived in D.C. for a while, you'll remember the good old days when the W Hotel was actually Hotel Washington, the historic and storied hotel near the White House. I remember having quite a...

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Photo of Bombers in Flight Over D.C. in 1931

This might be one of the coolest old photos we have discovered. It shows a squadron of bombers flying over Washington in 1931. The main road in the picture is Pennsylvania Ave. heading toward the White...

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Evacuating Materials from the Library of Congress

We are grateful for the picture below, since so many of the amazing images on this site come via the Library of Congress! In December 1941, as a precautionary measure, about 5,000 boxes of materials from...

Griffith Stadium

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Where Was Griffith Stadium in Washington?

Griffith Stadium was the home of the Washington Senators. It sat just north of Florida Ave near Howard University.

Plans for proposed building projects in Washington, D.C. Perspective view of concourse and entrance to Key Bridge, 1928

Lost History

Proposed Grand Entrance to Key Bridge

What an incredible approach and entrance to Key Bridge. This was a proposed design for the approach and massive entry to Key Bridge from 1928. This is a fascinating piece of architecture that was never built....

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Morning Links: Happy Birthday Georgetown

It’s. Too. Cooooold. I hope you are letting your faucet run just enough to prevent your pipes from freezing. The GoDC household had frozen pipes during Polar Vortex I and it was an expensive lesson learned....

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Wrecking Ball Demolishes Chevy Chase Ice Palace

Source: Streets of Washington When the Chevy Chase Ice Palace and Sports Center opened on Nov. 23, 1938, it became an instant sensation. On opening day more than 2,200 people hit the indoor skating rink, bringing...

Historical Events

Obama’s First Inauguration Seen From Space

This is one of the most incredible images we have found on the Internet. It shows the Inauguration of President Obama in 2009. I don’t know about you, but I was there, and I don’t think...

The Evening Star - 1906

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Snowy, Icy Morning Links

That snowstorm wasn’t as bad as we thought. I was really hoping for a mini-Snowpocalypse. You? Here are your morning links GoDCers! Animals love snow: You have to check out these photos of animals playing in...

1913. "District of Columbia traffic. Stop and Go signs." A very new-looking circa 1913 Haynes roadster in Washington crossing Pennsylvania Avenue at 14th Street N.W. Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative.

Faces & Places of Yesterday

D.C. Traffic Cop at 14th and Pennsylvania in 1913

Here are two great old photos from 1913, showing different angles of a traffic stop. The car is a Haynes roadster, which cost about $4,000 at the time. That’s about $95,000 today, or the cost of...

Dulles Airport in 1962

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Opening Dedication Ceremony of Dulles Airport in 1962

The airport was dedicated by President Kennedy and former President Eisenhower, a $110 million federal project, largely driven during the latter's administration.

Francis Scott Key Bridge

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Drunk Guy Falls Off Key Bridge Railing

This is something that would bring everything to halt on Key Bridge, and probably all of Rosslyn and Georgetown. Twitter would be blowing up and there would be tons of Instagram photos. Below is an amusing...

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Polar Vortex 2.0 Morning Links

Are you bracing yourself? You better, because this is going to be epic! Okay, probably not that bad, but at least the forecast is for real snow. Not the wimpy dustings we’ve had in the past....

Bryce Harper - "clown question bro"

Guest Posts

Ten Best Quotes in D.C. Sports History

There’s certainly been no shortage of colorful characters on the Washington sports scene. From Sonny Jurgensen to John Riggins to Curtis Portis on the Redskins and from Walter Johnson to Bucky Harris to Bryce Harper on...

Old Ads & Classifieds

Kenny Rogers Live at the Capital Centre the Day Iran Fell

Sweet concert! This is an ad in The Washington Post on February 11th, 1979 for a Kenny Rogers concert. Almost 35 years ago, this was a Sunday, and while Washingtonians were heading to Landover for the concert,...

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1940s High-Altitude Photo of D.C. and Arlington

GoDCer Chris graciously offered to share this cool aerial photo of Washington, taken sometime in the 1940s. Compare it to the Google Map below.

From the Crazy Vault

Fire Horse Mysteriously Stabbed With Pitchfork

What a horrible story. We found this printed in The Washington Post on April 6th, 1907. Fire Chief Belt yesterday ordered a thorough investigation of the stabbing with a pitchfork of a fire department horse at No. 8...

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GoDC Links: Exploding Manhole Covers?

Here are your morning GoDC links … Today is the 83rd birthday of our nation’s first African-American Governor, Doug Wilder, who served from 1990 to 1994. He was also mayor of Richmond from 2005 to 2009....