Washington, DC history

The lost and untold history of Washington, DC.

letter from Bill Clinton to Ronald Reagan on December 27th, 1988

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Christmas Letter From Governor Clinton to President Reagan

This is an interesting image of a letter that we dug up at the National Archives. Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas at the time it was sent around Christmas, 1988. Source: U.S. National Archives

Print shows a large campaign banner for Republican presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln and running mate Hannibal Hamlin. Lincoln's first name is given here as "Abram." The banner consists of a thirty-three star American flag pattern printed on cloth. In one corner, a bust portrait of Lincoln, without beard, encircled by stars, appears on a blue field.

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For President, Abram Lincoln. For Vice President, Hannibal Hamlin

Now this is an amazing piece of American history. This is a large campaign banner for Lincoln in 1860. Source: Library of Congress

Spring flowers in the National Capitol--The magnolias are the first to bloom

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Spring Flowers at the White House in 1929

This is a photograph taken on March 23rd, 1929 from the South Lawn of the White House. Source: Library of Congress

Kennedy Center from the Potomac River in Washington, D.C.

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Proposed Kennedy Center Metro Stop Too Expensive

Interesting. Imagine if the Kennedy Center had its own Metro station. The walk from Foggy Bottom is kind of a pain in the ass. Unfortunately for the Kennedy Center, they’re still stuck in no man’s land...

Washington, D.C., circa 1931. "Department of Commerce under construction from top of National Press Building looking down 14th Street." Willard Hotel at right. Large format negative by Theodor Horydczak.

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Incredible View of Commerce Department Under Construction

Wow. This one is amazing. We dug this up looking around Shorpy this past weekend.

Construction of the third office building for the U.S. Senate in 1979.

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Hart Senate Office Building Under Construction

We dug this up on the U.S. Capitol’s Flickr page. It shows the Hart Senate Office Building under construction in 1979. Source: U.S. Capitol

This U.S. mail streetcar, owned and operated by the Capital Traction Company, was used to process and transport mail in Washington, DC.

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Capital Traction Company U.S. Mail Streetcar

Can anyone identify the location of this photo? It was taken in 1900, showing a United States mail car. Source: Smithsonian By the way, you should check out this awesome old film of a mail streetcar...

letter from Castro to FDR

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Teenage Fidel Castro’s Letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt

Wow, this one is cool. We dug it up on the National Archives’ site. This is a letter from a young Fidel Castro, at the age of 14, who was a student at Colegio de Dolores...

The Unknown Soldier being taken to Arlington National Cemetery

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Amazing Colorized Photo of Unknown Soldier

What an incredible colorized photo. Source: DC Public Library

View of the Department of Agriculture, The Smithsonian Castle and the US Capitol taken from atop the Washington Monument

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View of Tree-Covered Mall From Washington Monument

Look how different things were well over a hundred years ago. We dug this photo up on Flickr thanks to the DC Public Library. Source: DC Public Library

Albert Hall at Catholic University

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Albert Hall at Catholic University in the 1910s

Any Catholic University folks out there? How do you like this old photo? Source: Library of Congress

H St. NE after the 1968 riots

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Wow. Military Occupied H St. After the 1968 Riots

Wow, this is an amazing photograph of H St. after the riots. See if you can make out where this is on H St. Source: Sam Smith

Frager's Hardware

Three Things...

Three Stories About Frager’s Hardware

We love and support Frager’s and were so devastated when the place burned down. We have full faith that the business will reopen and continue to serve Capitol Hill residents for their hardware needs. Founded by...

Potomac Park in 1908

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Great Black and White of Potomac Park in 1908

This is a good old photo we dug up on Shorpy. It shows Potomac Park in 1908, with two cars and a horse and buggy. Source: Shorpy

old Senate Studebaker

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Original Capitol Subway: 1909 Senate Studebaker

Here’s a great photograph we dug up on the U.S. Capitol Flickr page. It shows the old Senate Studebaker car. It held eight people and went back and forth between the Capitol and Russell (then known...

Mr. Henry's boarded up for protection in 1968

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Photo of Mr. Henry’s on Capitol Hill During the 1968 Riots

What a powerful photo. We dug this up here. Source: DC Almanac

William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton play catch in the Rose Garden. They are practicing for upcoming opening pitch ceremonies that both of them will participate in. 4/3/94.

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The Clintons Practice Throwing the First Pitch

What an awesome candid shot of Bill and Hillary Clinton throwing a baseball in the Rose Garden on April 3rd, 1994. They’re practicing for the Opening Day ceremonies they were going to participate in that year....

Main Navy and Munitions Buildings in 1942

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“Temporary” Buildings on the Mall Seen From the Washington Monument

These are the “temporary” buildings on the Mall, erected in 1918 along Constitution Avenue (though still known as B St. then). The view is looking west from the Washington Monument in 1942, so it provides and...