Washington, DC history

The lost and untold history of Washington, DC.

French Embassy

New French Embassy on 16th Street

Americans have a love-hate relationship with France. They helped us kick the British out of the Colonies. We helped them kick the Nazis out of France. We find them to have superior culture, yet we also...

Cherrydale Home

Arlington GoDCers, Can You Identify This Home?

We need your help … this is a photo from the Library of Congress showing a home in Cherrydale. Can anyone identify this home (if it still exists today)? The photo appears to be from 1920....

First of fair sex to obtain motorcycle license in Capital. Washington, D.C., Sept. 15. Although she weights only 88 pounds--one-third of the machine she rides, Mrs. Sally Halterman is the first woman to be granted a license to operate a motorcycle in the District of Columbia. She is 27 years old and 4 feet, 11 inches tall. Immediately after receiving her permit, Mrs. Halterman was initiated into the D.C. Motorcycle Club - the only girl ever to be accorded this honor

First Motorcycle License Granted to a Woman

Sally Halterman was just 27 years old, 88 pounds and just under five feet tall. That didn’t stop her from becoming the first woman to receive a license to operate a motorcycle in D.C. This photo...

east front of the Capitol Building

Beautiful View of Capitol Building From The East

What an amazing photograph from the 1860s. Thanks again to the Library of Congress for this one. Source: Library of Congress

General view of the city of Alexandria, Va., April 15, 1864

Amazing Detailed Landscape of Alexandria in 1864

Don’t you just love these old Civil War photographs? This one is amazing, and it’s even more impressive if you click on it for the larger version. Can you see anything recognizable? One interesting thing to...

homes on Kalorama Rd. in Washington Heights

Cool 1902 Ad For Kalorama Homes

This is a great old ad from The Evening Star on December 13th, 1902. It shows a bunch of homes on Kalorama Rd., in what we now call Adams Morgan, then called Washington Heights.

Potomac Boat Club in 1921

Potomac Boat Club and the Key Bridge Under Construction

Here is a cool old photo of the Potomac Boat Club in 1921, standing in front of, what will soon become, the Key Bridge. Looks like the guy on the right is in dire need of...

Photo shows Sewall-Belmont House, 144 Constitution Avenue, N.E., Washington, D.C.

Sewall-Belmont House

Here is a great shot of the Sewall-Belmont House at 144 Constitution Ave. NE, sometime in the late 1920s. It’s still there, so you should definitely pay a visit. Source: Library of Congress

highway extension of 1897

Revised Highway Plan for Washington in 1897

This is so cool … and obviously, not something that happened. We came across a fascinating article from The Evening Star, published on Saturday, December 18th, 1897. Source: Library of Congress The article referenced the proposed...

milking a cow on the Capitol grounds

What The … ? Milking a Cow on Capitol Grounds

This is an odd one. Milking a cow on the Capitol grounds, and broadcasting it? Source: Library of Congress

Mount Vernon in 1918

Terrific 1918 Photograph of Mount Vernon

Here is a great photo that we found at the Library of Congress. It shows Mount Vernon, almost 100 years ago. Source: Library of Congress

1919 scenic drive route through Washington

Beautiful 16-Mile Drive in the Nation’s Capital

This is a great image from the Washington Times, published on October 25th, 1919. It shows a scenic driving route through the city. Source: Library of Congress

Botanical Gardens, Washington D.C. by Mathew Brady

U.S. Botanical Gardens During the Civil War

This is an awesome photograph that we found at The National Archives. Source: U.S. National Archives

two alligators ... they are scary

Holy Sh*t! Alligators Found in Rock Creek

This is something that would scare the crap out of you. Just imagine walking along a path next to Rock Creek Park, only to stumble upon an 700-pound alligator. #OMFG … Absolutely terrifying, and God forbid...

The Cairo in 1906

1906 Advertisement for The Cairo

The Cairo is one of the gems of D.C. and is an amazing building to see if you haven’t had the chance to visit it. Below is a cool ad we found for the building in...

F.H. Smith apartments

1911 F.H. Smith Company Apartment Directory

Due to the massive popularity of the last apartment directory, we’re posting another one. This time from September 16th, 1911 in the Washington Times … see your building? Source: Library of Congress

motor roads through Rock Creek Park

Motor Roads Through Rock Creek in 1922

This is a really cool map from the Washington Times, published on Saturday, May 22nd, 1922. It shows the drivable roadways through Rock Creek Park, for you to enjoy a leisurely cruise through the city’s best...

View east on Pennsylvania Ave. in front of the Department of Treasury

Treasury Department on Pennsylvania Avenue in 1890

What a great photo. We uncovered this one at the Historical Society of D.C. website. Source: Historical Society of D.C. BTW, they have so many incredible photos that nobody gets to see because they aren’t online....