British Embassy in 1919

What did the old British embassy look like in 1919? Take a look for yourself.

Unrealized Vision for Expanding Capitol Grounds

This cool old map shows a proposed extension of the U.S. Capitol grounds from 1874. Clearly, not realized because we see a proposal for the Department of Justice to the northeast of the Capitol. The drawing was done by architect...

What Did the Capitol Look Like in 1800?

Print shows a street-level view of the east front facade of the U.S. Capitol with a man on horseback talking to a woman on horseback, pedestrians with a dog, a man talking with a woman and a child on the...

The Frenchman’s Address to a Young Nation

This address to Americans by the Abbé Raynal was and is incredibly relevant and important to our country. Maybe even more so today.

News Headlines from 180 Years Ago Today

We looked at Alexandria Gazette newspaper from July 15th, 1841 to see what people were talking about. What a different world.

Comparing Real Estate Listings From 1941

We looked at three homes advertised in the July 12th, 1941 Evening Star and compared them to today's online listings or the exact same houses. You'll love what we found.

May 16, 1923. "Arlington Park, Virginia. Evelyn Wadsworth, daughter of Senator and Mrs. Wadsworth of New York, serving cold drinks at the National Capital Horse Show." Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative.

Who Is This Young Lady?

Young Evelyn Wadsworth was the daughter of the senator from New York and the granddaughter of John Hay, former personal secretary to Abraham Lincoln.

Senator Boies Penrose wrecks his Winton Six

Prohibition Officer Charged With Drunk Driving

A rum squad MPD prohibition officer was arrested for drunk driving in 1930. Isn't it ironic? Don't you think?

Cuckold's Delight near Brookland

About Brookland’s Cuckold’s Delight Subdivision

Why would somebody name a subdivision Cuckold's Delight? We can't think of a more bizarre name considering what it means.

The JCC in 1926

This great old photo shows the JCC at 16th and Q back when it opened in 1926.