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The lost and untold history of Washington, DC.

Washington, D.C., circa 1938. "Liana de Bayle, daughter of the Minister of Nicaragua and Senora de Bayle." Harris & Ewing glass negative.

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Super Creepy Photo of Nicaraguan Minister’s Daughter

Don’t you love these old photos? This one is creepy and haunting. The girl in the photo is Liana de Bayle, the daughter of the Minister of Nicaragua. Remind you of Poltergeist?

Washington Times - June 7th, 1908

In the Paper

June 7th, 1908: Plant Your Dollars in Chevy Chase

Here’s a page from the real estate section of the Sunday Washington Times on June 7th, 1908.

Indonesian embassy (Walsh-McLean Mansion)

Guest Posts, If Walls Could Talk

If Walls Could Talk: Embassy of Indonesia

This is our first “If Walls Could Talk” guest post. Marty wrote a great bit on one of the incredible mansions on Mass Ave. The stately mansion at 2020 Massachusetts Ave NW surely must be one...

Street scene in Washington, D.C., winter of 1941-42. 4x5 Kodachrome transparency by Louise Rosskam, probably taken near the N and Union intersection of her other shots. Clues are the Chung Wah laundry at 1264, the J. Marucci barbershop and the A. Peterman clothing store.

Faces & Places of Yesterday

1942 Washington, in Color

Street scene in Washington, D.C., winter of 1941-42. 4x5 Kodachrome transparency by Louise Rosskam, probably taken near the N and Union intersection of her other shots. Clues are the Chung Wah laundry at 1264, the J....

Washington, D.C., in the summer of 1926. "Hot weather, Rock Creek Park." National Photo Company Collection glass negative.

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Nighttime Snoozing in Rock Creek Park

A heat wave in 1926 was unbearable and some folks took to the cooler confines of Rock Creek for some respite. Below is a photo (probably staged) of three Washingtonians attempting to escape the brutal D.C....

Faces & Places of Yesterday

A Shy Toddler, Chubby Baby and Hypnotized Baby

Love these snapshots of life in the 1920s. Look at the chunky monkey on the left (sorry if that’s your grandmother). This is from 1922 and is captioned “playground baby show.”

Washington, D.C., circa 1924. "Sanctuary, Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church." National Photo Company Collection glass negative.

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Inside The Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church

Do you attend The Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church? If you do, maybe you recognize the interior of the church. This photo from Shorpy dates back to 1924. Click on it for greater detail.

Cadastral map of planned residential subdivisions in what is now the inc. town of Chevy Chase Village (Montgomery County, Md.).

Faces & Places of Yesterday, GoDCers Love Maps

Chevy Chase Real Estate Plots in 1890

This is a map of Chevy Chase, Section 2, near the District. It dates from 1890 and we dug this up at the Library of Congress.

Teddy Roosevelt laughing

From the Crazy Vault

Helpless Drunk Slips and Falls in Front of President

Another delightfully bizarre post for you from the early 20th century. Leave it to Teddy Roosevelt to be in the middle of another good story. Considerable prominence has been given to an episode which occurred a...

1749 map of Alexandria

GoDCers Love Maps

George Washington’s Map of Alexandria in 1749

Amazing find on the Library of Congress website. This is a map of Alexandria done by George Washington somewhere around 1749.

Washington, D.C., circa 1918. "Robert Hall, group." in color

Faces & Places of Yesterday

1918 in Color: Be Prepared

Shorpy always has great photos. You can spent way too much time digging through finding gems like this. The photo below is a scene replicating Joseph Leyendecker’s BSA Liberty Loan poster for bonds during World War I....

Victorian-era black umbrella

From the Crazy Vault

Man Murdered With Umbrella Through Eyeball

Old GoDC buddy Jack sent along a crazy tale that I can only describe by saying OMFG. You’ll see what I mean. This is an article from November 10th, 1887 published in the Washington Post. The...

John Kerry's Georgetown residence

Three Things...

Three Georgetown Homes of Notable Senators

As Mrs. Ghost went Christmas shopping this past weekend, I decided to go for a walk to explore the streets of Georgetown. The part of town most tourists think of when Washington history is mentioned, Georgetown...

Drawing shows stables in the foreground and view of the city of Washington from southeast with the United States Capitol on the right, the White House in center background, and the Smithsonian castle and Washington Monument on the left.

Faces & Places of Yesterday

View of Washington in the 1840s

Here is a painting of Washington from the late 1840s or 1850s, done by Augustus Köllner. The view is from an angle south of the Capitol, looking northwest. We just came across this watercolor while digging through the...

John Adams nominates John Marshall to become Chief Justice - January 20th, 1801

Notable People & Places

Gentlemen of the Senate … John Adams Nominates John Marshall to be Chief Justice

We love these. Amazing letters saved by the National Archives. This one is from President John Adams — who just lost the election and was out of office in about 10 weeks — nominating John Marshall...

stretching and yawning in the classroom circa 1899

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Please Practice Your Stretching and Yawning

It would appear that the subject matter being taught in this classroom is a little bizarre. I don’t remember being taught the proper mechanics behind stretching and yawning … however, I will say that I love...

Northern Liberty Market

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Northern Liberty Market

We came across this photo from 1920 on Shorpy. The image shows Liberty Market at 5th and K St. NW. The building was built on the east side of 5th and K in 1874 as the...

map of Rockville in 1879

GoDCers Love Maps

Map of Rockville in 1879

We are very much obsessed with old maps. I think it’s safe to say that the bulk of you are as well. And here is another one to obsess over, especially for the GoDCers out in...