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District of Columbia and the seat of war on the Potomac (1861)
A Look at the 1861 Civil War Map of the D.C. Area
Take a look at this 1861 Civil War map of the D.C. area to explore the District's history of war. Source: Library of Congress.
Which President Got a Speeding Ticket on a Horse?
Ulysses Grant was arrested for speeding by William West, an African-American metropolitan policeman. This is a great historical story.
1864 photo of Arlington House
Check Out this Incredible 1864 Photo of Arlington House Shared by GoDCer Matthew
Take a look at this amazing 1864 photo of Arlington House shared by GoDCer Matthew. Thanks for sharing this incredible piece of history!
Lincoln's second inauguration
The Day Abraham Lincoln Was Re-Inaugurated: An Amazing Old Photo
Relive history with this amazing old photo from 1865 - the day that Abraham Lincoln was re-inaugurated as President of the United States. View the incredible details and learn about the location of this historic event.
National Hotel in the 1920s
Exploring the Historic National Hotel: Where Presidents, Assassinations, and Dueling Were Once Plotted
A look at the historic National Hotel, once located at 6th & Pennsylvania Ave. Presidents and duels were plotted there, and John Wilkes Booth stayed there before Lincoln's assassination. The Newseum now stands in its place.
Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 10.15
A GoDCer's Fascinating Family History Involving Abraham Lincoln
A GoDCer shares an interesting story about their family history, which is connected to Abraham Lincoln. Read about the long search for a newspaper article and the fascinating connection to the 16th President.
door frame within mill
Seneca Quarry in Montgomery County: A Must-Visit Area Ruin
Explore the abandoned 19th century Seneca Quarry in Maryland, which provided the iconic red sandstone for DC landmarks like the Smithsonian Castle.
Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 8.34
The Brave Women Who Disguised Themselves as Men to Join the Civil War
At least 400 women disguised themselves as men to join the Civil War, fighting for their side in the only way they could. Learn about one of them, Rosetta Wakeman, and her incredible story in Wild Women of Washington.
Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 2.51
A Striking Portrait of Lewis Powell: The Man Who Tried to Kill Secretary of State William Seward
This portrait of Lewis Powell captures the likeness of the man who tried to kill Secretary of State William Seward in 1865. It's a powerful reminder of the human dimension of history and the power of images to evoke the past.
Union Army guard at Price, Birch & Co. slave pen at Alexandria, Virginia, circa 1865. Detail of albumen print. Photograph by Andrew J. Russell.
Powerful Civil War-Era Photograph of Price, Birch & Co. Slave Dealing Business
This powerful Civil War-era photo shows Price, Birch & Co., a slave dealing business in Alexandria, Virginia. Photograph by Andrew J. Russell. Source: Shorpy.

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