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Posted In 1860s

reward poster by the War Department for Booth, Surratt and Herold (Library of Congress)
The Assassination of President Lincoln: The War Department's Wanted Poster
The assassination of President Lincoln is one of the most tragic events in the history of Washington. Learn about the War Department's wanted poster for the conspirators and the massive hunt for them in the days following the assassination.
Emmanuel Leutze, "Westward the Course of Empire"(1861)
The Debate Over Origin and Meaning of the Quote "Go West, Young Man, Go West
Explore the debate over who said the famous phrase "Go West, Young Man, Go West" and what it meant in the context of Manifest Destiny. Learn more about the possible origins of this quote and its impact on American history.
Lincoln Strangely Forgotten: A Look at the Memorial Collection at the Ford’s Theatre House
It's been over 140 years since Abe Lincoln was gunned down in Ford's Theatre, but sadly the memory of the fallen leader seems to be fading. Here's a look at the memorial collection of mementoes at the Ford's Theatre House.
Abraham Lincoln for President in the Daily National Republican - July 21st, 1864
Digging Through Old Newspapers: Abraham Lincoln for President in the Daily National Republican - July 21st, 1864
I was digging through old newspapers in the Library of Congress' Chronicling America archives and came across this from the Daily National Republican. It dates back to July 21st, 1864 and featured a rallying cry for Abraham Lincoln's re-election as President of the United States.
Murder Bay in 1855 (Smithsonian)
Where Was Murder Bay in Washington, DC?
If you’re the kind of person that thinks walking home from Wonderland is sketchy, needs bars on your windows in Eckington or believes Petworth is a “fringe” neighborhood, you wouldn’t stand a chance in Murder Bay.
The Assassination of President Lincoln (1865)
Celebrating Victory: The Workmen’s Visit to Lincoln and the White House on April 10th, 1865
On April 10th, 1865, workmen from the Washington Navy Yard, accompanied by a band, visited Abraham Lincoln and Secretary of the Navy, Gideon Welles to congratulate them and celebrate the Union victory in the Civil War. Lincoln addressed the men and requested a performance of "Dixie" to close the celebration.
Abraham Lincoln colorized (1865)
Abraham Lincoln in Color
Explore the vivid details of Abraham Lincoln's era through colorized photos that bring clarity and connection to one of America's most revered Presidents.
Col. Benjamin F. Fisher and staff on steps of Signal Corps headquarters, 1816 F St., NW
Unveiling a Gallery of Rare Civil War Photographs from the Library of Congress
Discover a rare collection of Civil War photographs from the Library of Congress, including a Sanitary Commission picture with the Treasury Department in the background.
Native Americans at the White House
Exploring a Fascinating Old Photo from the Library of Congress
Explore a fascinating old photo from the Library of Congress, gifted to the Library in 1947 by Herbert French. It was created somewhere between 1909 and 1940 and features Native Americans at the White House.
The Siege of Washington
The Siege of Washington: A Ground Level Perspective of April 14th - 25th, 1861
Take a ground level perspective of life in Washington City in the days after the fall of Fort Sumter. Read about the panic that spread, the Confederate response and the harsh words for President Lincoln and his cabinet. See photos from the era to get a better feel for living in Washington in 1861.

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