Washington, DC history

The lost and untold history of Washington, DC.

Eckington streetcar accident (1919)

From the Crazy Vault

Officials Probe Eckington Streetcar Disaster

This looks bad. And, it is as bad as it looks. I came across this old photo on Shorpy (of course). It was a major streetcar derailment that injured 35 passengers, resulting in the arrest of...

Sheep grazing at the White House (1919)

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Sheep Grazing at the White House

Here’s a photo I found on Flickr. It’s from the Nation’s Attic (i.e., The Smithsonian). They have a great set of photos up there, so you should take a look. The photograph below shows sheep grazing...

Greek Murder featured

From the Crazy Vault

The Greek Murder: A Triple Homicide

Yet again, I find something to share on Shorpy. This one is gruesome, but too crazy not to post. This was a big story at the time, in July of 1920. The murders happened after a...

Mr. & Mrs. Lindbergh at Bolling Field (1929)

Notable People & Places

Lindbergh and Wife Land in D.C. Just Prior to Crash

No, not a plane crash … I mean THE Crash of ’29 (i.e., the Wall Street Crash). This photo is from September 18th, 1929 and is a shot of the Charles and his wife, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, four months...

Notable People & Places, The Best Of

Video Visualizing Early Washington, D.C.

If you’re a serious D.C. history nerd, you’ll find this just as fascinating as I do. It was produced by UMBC’s Imaging Research Center (IRC) about a year ago. The voiceover is a little dry, but...

Read This Book

Read This Book: A Neighborhood Guide to Washington, D.C.’s Hidden History

This is a great book if you’re interested in some local Washington history. Jeanne Fogle does an excellent job highlighting sites in the District that are less known to tourists and residents alike. I tore through...

Four prize winners in annual beauty show, Washington Bathing Beach (1922)

Other Cool Stuff

The Annual Washington Bathing Beach Beauty Show

The photo is from the 1922 annual beauty show held at the Washington Bathing Beach, and these four were the prize winners. The women, in order, are Gay Gatley, Eva Fridell, Anna Neibel and Iola Swinnerton....

Address to the American People

Historical Events, Notable People & Places

President Garfield’s Assassin: Charles Guiteau’s Time in Washington

I posed a question to readers on Twitter whether a bit about Garfield’s assassin, Charles Guiteau, would be of interest and a couple of folks chimed in. So, I think this will be a good one...

White House callers on January 24th, 2012

This Day in History

100 Years Ago: Who Visited the White House?

For the next “This Day in History” post, I came across this list of White House visitors for January 24th, 1912. A long list of prominent individuals visited President Taft that day, from the Italian Ambassador,...

View of 1335 Wisconsin Ave. & Dumbarton St.

If Walls Could Talk, Reader's Choice

If Walls Could Talk: Au Pied De Cochon and 1335 Wisconsin Ave. NW – Part 2

This is the second part of our research into 1335 Wisconsin Ave. NW … formerly known as Au Pied de Cochon. If you haven’t read the first part, you should. And by the way, reader Nick...

Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933)

Historical Events, Notable People & Places

FDR’s 1941 State of the Union: Four Freedoms Speech

Later this evening, the President will give his annual State of the Union address. On such an important day, it would be remiss of me not to share one of the greatest State of the Union...

Cherry blossoms featured

Faces & Places of Yesterday

1944 Cherry Blossom Festival Film Footage

It seems like this the Cherry Blossom Festival is a really long way away … especially after this weekends crappy weather. So, in the hopes of bringing a little faux spring to your week, here is...

Streetcar decorated with safety slogans (1922)

Other Cool Stuff

Death Runs His Hands at a Careless Man!

Here’s a cool old photograph I found sifting through the Library of Congress archives. I find this one amusing: You wouldn’t have your child a jay walker.Don’t be one yourself. Still very applicable today. This city...

Au Pied de Cochon

If Walls Could Talk, Reader's Choice

If Walls Could Talk: Au Pied De Cochon and 1335 Wisconsin Ave. NW – Part 1

Remember Au Pied de Cochon on Wisconsin Avenue? How about the story of the Soviet spy Vitaky Yurchenko?

Streamlined street car passing Washington Monument (1938)

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Cool Sunday Photo: Streetcar Passing Washington Monument

Here’s a cool one I wanted to share from Shorpy. It’s a streetcar passing the Washington Monument in 1938. What a great shot. Related articles Billionaire Philanthropist to Give Millions to Help Fix Washington Monument (wellwisher.wordpress.com)...

Gas range avertisement 1916

Old Ads & Classifieds

Need a Gas Range circa 1916?

If you live in the D.C. metropolitan area, and you pay bills, chances are, you’re paying Washington Gas (formerly known as Washington Gas Light Company). They’ve been serving the area for close to 160 years now...

Smithsonian Castle (1900)

Notable People & Places

The Smithsonian Castle … Lazy Saturday Afternoon Photo Share

Bad weather keeping you inside? Me too … maybe you’re having a beer at Toledo Lounge, Meridian Pint or Church Key (make sure you order a DC Brau). Unfortunately, I’m not. If you’re like me, stuck...

Proposed Executive Mansion sponsored by Mary Foote Henderson

Lost History

Proposed White House on Meridian Hill

Here’s a good one from the Library of Congress archives. It’s a drawing of the proposed new Executive Mansion, to be built on Meridian Hill (where the park is today). It looks quite ostentatious for American...