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Celebrating Georgetown University's Class of 2019 & Their Predecessors from the Class of 1925
Celebrating Georgetown University's Class of 2019 and their predecessors from the historic Class of 1925. Take a little inspiration from this lovely photo showing their predecessors graduating in the late spring of 1925.
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Georgetown University Dorm Life Circa 1913
This is from the Georgetown University archives showing a group of young men gathered in a dorm room in 1913.
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How Things Stay the Same: Comparing Georgetown Students from 1895 to 1937
Explore the similarities between Georgetown students from 1895 and 1937 in this blog post. See photos of the classic 1937 photo of a Georgetown student flipping the bird and a sassy lady from Eastern High School.
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The Best Commencement Speeches Given in Washington, DC
Check out the best commencement speeches ever given in Washington, DC from President John F. Kennedy to Ken Burns, Tony Snow and others. See the full lists from NPR and Vox.com.
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Recounting a College Prank that Nearly Went Wrong in Georgetown University in 1900
In 1900, a college prank in Georgetown University nearly went wrong. Students attempted to scare a stable attendant, but a horse was stolen and the police were called. Read more about this bizarre incident on Ghosts of DC.
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Georgetown University Advertisement in 1918
The ad provides a glimpse into the past and the pivotal role that education played in the nation's war efforts. It is a testament to Georgetown University's dedication to serving the country and its commitment to upholding the values of service, justice, and the common good.
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A Look Back in Time: A Baseball Game at Georgetown University in 1900
Take a look back in time to a baseball game being played on the Georgetown University grounds in 1900. See a photo of the game from the Georgetown University Library.
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A Look Back at the Georgetown University Class of 1924
Take a look back to 1924 and see Georgetown University's graduating class and President Coolidge presenting an honorary degree to Governor Flynn of Rhode Island. Explore these historic photos from Ghosts of DC.
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A Look at the New Copley Hall in 1931
Take a look at the newly built Copley Hall at Georgetown University in 1931 with an exterior adorned with the crest of St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus. Read more about its history here.
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Where Can I Get a Sweet Outfit Like This? Georgetown University Track Team in 1901
Where can I get a sweet outfit like this? These polished gentlemen are not prisoners ... they're members of the Georgetown University track team in 1901. Check out this amazing photo from Georgetown University Library!
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Adding Color to Your Social Media Posts: Why Things Never Change
Adding some color to your social media posts can help make them stand out, but why do things never seem to change? Learn more about adding color to your social media posts and why things never seem to change.
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The Arrest of Delgado Crofton: An Embezzlement Case at Georgetown University in 1903
In August 1903, an employee of Georgetown University, Delgado Crofton, was arrested on a charge of grand larceny and accused of embezzling $2,200 of university money. Read this blog post to learn more about the case!
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Exploring the Incredible Detail of an Amazing Old Photograph from the Library of Congress Archives
Take a look at this amazing old photograph from the Library of Congress archives. It has incredible detail and is sure to amaze you. Explore it now!
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A Moment in Time: Capturing the Joy of Five Georgetown Baseball Players in 1928
Take a look back in time with this iconic photo of five Georgetown baseball players in 1928. Enjoy the joy of the moment and the memories of the past with this snapshot of a great baseball moment.
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Comparing College Tuition Prices in 1911 to Today
Wondering how college tuition prices have changed over the years? Read this comparison of college tuition prices in 1911 vs. today to see how much it has changed. #collegetuition #tuitionfees
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Hilltop Football Victory Wins Bride for Student: The 1928 Story of Marjorie Morris and F Stanley Nishwitz
In 1928, a football victory at Georgetown University resulted in a surprise wedding for Marjorie Morris and F Stanley Nishwitz. Read the story of this unique bet and the final score that rang the wedding bells!
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The Gruesome Tale of Charles Shaw & Grave Robbing in 19th Century DC
Discover the gruesome tale of Charles Shaw, convicted of murdering his sister & sentenced to death in 1883 DC. Unearth the dark world of 19th century body-harvesting & grave-robbing for medical research in this macabre story.
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Highlighting an Old Local Baseball Hero: Joe Judge
Learn about Joe Judge, Washington's first baseman for almost 18 seasons starting in 1915 up until 1932. Joe was a fine ball player, batting .300 or higher in nine seasons and set a number of American League records. Read about his career and his embrace of the city of Washington.
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The Washington Senators Signed Georgetown Shortstop Charley Moran in December 1902
In December 1902, the Washington Senators signed Charley Moran, the Georgetown University shortstop, to a baseball contract. Unfortunately, he failed to live up to expectations and was out of baseball by 1905.
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