10/11/12: Werth It!! Historic Win for D.C. Baseball

I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing some great moments in D.C. baseball history … opening day 2005 at RFK, opening day 2008 at Nats Park with Zimmerman’s walk-off, Strasburg’s 14K debut and Harper’s home debut.

Last night’s game was, hands down, the most epic and electric atmosphere of any game I have ever attended. Jayson Werth brings down the house with a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth. That is what you call #NATITUDE.

Why is something less than 24 hours old being posted on GoDC? This is the first postseason victory at home since 1933 when Earl Whitehill defeated the New York Giants in the World Series. This is a really big deal.

If you’re not a baseball fan or a Nationals fan … why? You are missing the best thing our city has to offer right now. We have a baseball team called the Washington Nationals and they are really good. Get on board.

I will see you at game five of the NLDS, sitting in left field (i.e., Nats Town) with my Strasburg #37 jersey, waving my red #NATITUDE towel.

Jayson Werth scores (Robb Carr / Getty Images)
Jayson Werth scores (Robb Carr / Getty Images)


Jayson Werth on the jumbotron
Jayson Werth on the jumbotron

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