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Uncovering the Lease Requirements for a New Baseball Stadium in D.C.
Learn about the lease requirements for a new baseball stadium in D.C., as revealed in a document from the 1950s. Follow the history of the Washington Senators and the legacy of Clark Griffith in this fascinating story.
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Incredible Photos From the 1956 Major League Baseball All-Star Game
We found these incredible photos from the 1956 Major League Baseball All-Star Game on Twitter. See the amazing images from Griffith Stadium in Washington at Ghostsofdc.org.
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Exploring Walter Johnson's Post-Baseball Life Through Hunting Dogs
Dive into the post-baseball life of Washington hero and Major League Baseball Hall of Famer, Walter Johnson, through his involvement with hunting dogs. Learn where his 130-acre farm near Germantown was located and more!
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Exploring the 1886 Washington Nationals Baseball Season Through Scorecards
Take a look back at the 1886 Washington Nationals baseball season through three scorecards from games against the New York Giants, Boston Beaneaters, and Boston Beaneaters. See the advertisements, handwritten notes, and penciled notations on the scorecards.
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Grace Coolidge, First Lady & Baseball Fan: Witnessing the Washington Senators Win the 1924 World Series
Grace Coolidge, wife of President Calvin Coolidge, was an avid baseball fan and attended the 1924 World Series in Washington. Read about her experience and watch film footage of the game!
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Exploring Washington's Baseball History: The Story of William J. Donovan and the Baseball House
Follow us as we explore the story of William J. Donovan and the Baseball House, a bar dedicated to the love of baseball in Washington D.C. back in the 19th century. Learn about William J. Donovan, his family, and the Baseball House puzzle he created.
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Baseball in DC: Celebrating Fewer than 50 Days Until Pitchers and Catchers Report
Get ready for the start of baseball season with a look back at some amazing photos of baseball in DC, including Babe Ruth signing autographs at Griffith Stadium and amateur games in front of the White House and Capitol Building.
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Unbelievable! Ladies Playing Baseball on the Mall in 1919
Did you know that in 1919, a group of ladies played baseball on the Mall? Check out this incredible photo from the Library of Congress!
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A Look Back at the 1962 Major League Baseball All-Star Game at the D.C. Stadium
Take a look back at the 1962 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, held at the new D.C. Stadium (now RFK). See President John F. Kennedy throw out the first pitch in this historic game.
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Uncovering the Johnson Family of Humbolt, Kansas: The Early Life of Baseball Legend Walter Johnson
Uncovering the Johnson Family of Humbolt, Kansas: We dug up a rare U.S. Census record from 1900 showing the family of 12-year-old Walter Johnson, who would eventually become one of the greatest pitchers in the history of baseball. See the full page here!
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Remembering the 1908 Washington Nationals vs. Cleveland Indians Baseball Game
Remember the 1908 Washington Nationals v. Cleveland Indians baseball game? We won 8-2, taking a three-game sweep! Read this blog to relive the historic game and #NATITUDE!
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The Story of World Bank President Eugene Black's Annual Baseball Outings with World Bank Staff
Discover the story of World Bank President Eugene Black's annual baseball outings with World Bank staff, which began in 1950 and continued through at least 1962. Learn more about this early example of "baseball diplomacy" and see photos of the Washington Senators greeting the World Bank staff.
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How Greedy Owners Screwed D.C. Out of Baseball for 34 Years and Almost Snatched Away the Padres in 1974
On August 8th, 1974, the day Nixon resigned, an article in the Washington Post detailed how D.C. was, yet again, screwed out of baseball by greedy owners. We also narrowly missed landing the Padres for the 1974 season.
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A Look Back in Time: A Baseball Game at Georgetown University in 1900
Take a look back in time to a baseball game being played on the Georgetown University grounds in 1900. See a photo of the game from the Georgetown University Library.
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The Clintons Playing Baseball in the Rose Garden: A Candid Moment from 1994
Relive a candid moment from 1994 with Bill & Hillary Clinton, as they practice for an Opening Day ceremony in the Rose Garden. See the original photo!
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The Republican Congressional Baseball Team Parading Around American League Park in 1926 & Ron Paul's Double in 1983
In 1926, the Republican Congressional baseball team paraded around American League Park in this rather strange photo. Don't forget to watch Ron Paul crank a double in 1983 - the Houston Astros uniform he's wearing is awesome!
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A Special Gift to the Big Train: Six Baseballs Autographed by Six Presidents
Walter Johnson's special gift to the National Baseball Museum at Cooperstown, New York was six baseballs autographed by six presidents: Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover. With the exception of those autographed by Roosevelt and Hoover, the balls were thrown out at opening games during Johnson's tenure as star pitcher for the...
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The 1921 Baltimore Orioles: An Amazing Photo to Share in Honor of Our Adopted Baseball Team
For over 30 years, the O's were our default baseball team. So we thought it was fitting to share this amazing photograph of the 1921 Baltimore Orioles. At the time, they were Class AA in the International League. Plus, this is a really amazing photo.
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How Beer and Baseball Have Been Inseparable Since the 1940s
Discover the long-standing relationship between beer and baseball, from the famous Yankee homerun calls to the unfortunate incident that caused a local brewery to cancel its sponsorship of a 1940s team. Read on to find out more!
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An Amazing Rivalry: Takoma vs Petworth in Washington Amateur Baseball (July 23rd, 1900)
It's been more than a century since two Washington neighborhoods, Takoma and Petworth, went head-to-head in a hotly contested game of amateur baseball. Read on to find out who emerged victorious and for the full box score!
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Walter Johnson: The Patron Saint of Washington, DC Baseball & the Washington Nationals 2013 Season
As the Washington Nationals prepare for the 2013 season, learn about the patron saint of Washington, D.C. baseball, Walter Johnson. Get a glimpse of his baseball cards from 1909 with GhostsofDC.org!
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The Evolution of Washington Baseball Stars From Roy Sievers to Bryce Harper
Follow the evolution of Washington baseball stars from Roy Sievers in 1958 to Bryce Harper in 2013. Discover the history of the Washington Senators, Ted Williams, Stephen Strasburg, and more in this article.
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The 2012 Regular Season Finale - A Bitter Sweet Moment for DC Baseball Fans
Reflect on the extraordinary experience of the 2012 regular season finale for DC baseball fans. With a 5-1 victory over the loathsome Phillies, and a crowd of more than 37,000, Michael Morse's patented blast that masquerade as homeruns was a novel experience - winning.
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A Moment in Time: Capturing the Joy of Five Georgetown Baseball Players in 1928
Take a look back in time with this iconic photo of five Georgetown baseball players in 1928. Enjoy the joy of the moment and the memories of the past with this snapshot of a great baseball moment.
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GoDCer Ben Sends Along a Great Photo of the 1912 Washington Post Baseball Scoreboard
GoDCer Ben sent along a great photo of the Washington Post baseball scoreboard from 1912, the same year the Titanic sank. It's remarkable how this low-tech scoreboard resembles our current day ESPN Gameday and MLB.tv.
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The Scoop That Shook Washington: How a Young Reporter Got Ted Williams to Return to Baseball in 1969
It was perhaps the biggest baseball 'scoop' in Washington, DC history: Ted Williams to return to baseball in 1969 as manager of the Washington Senators. Read the fascinating story of how a young reporter beat the Post and the Evening Star to the punch and got the scoop!
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The Washington Teddies? Uncovering the Best Obscure Trivia About D.C. Baseball
Nats fans, you are not going to believe this. Uncover the best obscure trivia about D.C. baseball, from the Washington Teddies to Walter Johnson. Read the full story here!
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The Homestead Grays: A Nostalgic Look at the Negro League Baseball Team
Take a nostalgic look at the Homestead Grays, the Negro League baseball team that was founded in Pittsburgh and eventually closing out their existence at Griffith Stadium. Watch the whole video for appearances from former Mayor Anthony Williams and a great history lesson.
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The Tragic Life of Josh Gibson, Legendary Baseball Player Held in D.C. for Mental Observation
Josh Gibson was a legendary baseball player, but his life was filled with tragedy. He was held in Washington D.C. for mental observation in 1944 and died at the age of 35, three months before Jackie Robinson broke baseball's color barrier.
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The Washington Nationals, Walter Johnson, and the Art of Teamwork in Baseball
Enjoy a guest post from Rick that takes a look at the Washington Nationals, Walter Johnson, and the importance of teamwork in baseball. Read on to learn more about the Big Train and the importance of having a strong team to achieve success.
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