We’re ready for some baseball!

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Fewer than 50 days until pitchers and catchers report. Here at Ghosts of DC, we’re huge baseball fans, so even though it’s the middle of every sport except for baseball, we needed to get some hardball in our lives.

First, we’ll check out Babe Ruth signing autographs at Griffith Stadium during the 1937 All Star game:

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Babe Ruth signs autographs
Library of Congress

That same season, FDR opened the 1937 season. The Senators played the Philadelphia Athletics. Unfortunately for the hometown Senators, they lost the game 4-3 and finished the season with a 73-80 record:

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FDR opens the 1937 season at Griffith Stadium
Library of Congress
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In the background of this next picture, you’ll see the Washington Monument. In the foreground, you see amateur baseball games featuring restaurant workers, government workers, and more.:

Amateur baseball in front of the Washington Monument
Library of Congress

The White House is in the background of this picture. In the foreground, you’ll see more amateur baseball:

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Amateur baseball in front of the White House
Library of Congress
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This last picture is one of the cooler perspectives for a baseball photo. Through the pitchers legs, you see a group of men and boys playing baseball in front of the Capitol Building:

Baseball in front of the Capitol Building
Library of Congress
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We may not be at baseball season yet, but we are ready to say, “Play Ball!”

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