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Frank White of North Dakota and His Former Home in 16th Street Heights

Explore the home formerly owned by U.S. Treasurer and former North Dakota Governor Frank White at 16th Street Heights. See what it looks like today and the history behind it.
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Frank White of North Dakota
Frank White of North Dakota

If you don’t live in or close to 16th Street Heights, you probably don’t know where it is. Okay, you know it’s near 16th St., but that’s about it. Either way, it’s a neighborhood with some really nice homes that largely sprang up around the street car expansions up 16th and 14th streets. There’s still a street car barn that sits on 14th St. (and cost $250,000 to build) which has been converted to house Metrobuses.

Anyway, we came across an interesting, and privacy invading, note in The Evening Star from Saturday, August 27th, 1921

It mentions that the U.S Treasurer, former North Dakota governor Frank White, had purchased a home at the intersection of 13th and Hamilton Streets. I’m guessing that the Secret Service would not be into newspapers publishing this information today.

Below is an image that was printed, showing the house in the real estate section of that weekend’s paper.

5200 13th St. NW - former home of Frank White, Treasury Secretary
5200 13th St. NW – former home of Frank White, Treasury Secretary

The home’s address is 5200 13th St. NW, but it’s the first home on Hamilton St. According to Zillow (and matching the above article) it was built in 1921. It’s currently 2,647 square feet, has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and was last sold in 2013 for $579,900. Not a bad price for a home formerly owned by the Secretary of Treasury.

Check out what the home looks like today on Google Street View. It’s still a beautiful looking home.

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