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USSS badge

Secret Service Agent Robs Maryland Bank

Now this is not something you'll read everyday ... or ever really. Except in 1981. We came across this article in The Baltimore Sun from...
3473 Holmead Pl. NW (home on the right)

Ex-White House Policeman Murders Wife

Okay, here is a headline that caught my attention: "Ex-White House Policeman Indicted as Slayer of Wife." This is an article from August 3rd,...
White House northwest gate

First White House Gate Crasher (Literally)

The Salahis ain't got nuthin' on Doyle Allen Hicks of Waynesville, North Carolina. The former wanted to socialize with the president. The latter wanted...
The New Corcoran Gallery (Washington Times)

Three Random Facts About the Corcoran Gallery

Tragedy! I was tipped off by DCist that the Corcoran Gallery might be leaving the District for Alexandria?! Wow, that would be bad. Say it...
Harry Trumanvideo

Dramatic Attempt to Assassinate President Truman in Blair House

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zeCxh_CjEQ You may not know this, but there was a very public assassination attempt on a President very near the White House and it wasn't...

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