Ron Paul Crushes a Double in Congressional Baseball

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Ron Paul crushes double
Ron Paul crushes double

This is awesome and appears to be the latest minor D.C. Internet meme. Well, I love baseball and I love D.C., so I want to share this with those of you who haven’t seen it yet (if you haven’t seen this, you don’t surf the Interwebs enough).

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Ron Paul is the only player in the history of the Congressional baseball game to hit a home run over the fence. He also killed it in this game, going 2 for 3. Below you can watch him stroke a double. Not bad for a 47-year-old doctor from Texas.

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According to Wikipedia, the game ended after nine innings in a tie at 17 runs. Sounds like some seriously crappy pitching. So far, this has been the only tie. The Republicans hold a 41-35 game advantage over the Democrats. Another interesting bit of trivia is that the game dates back to 1909, although it hasn’t been continuously played since then.

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It was banned in 1914 by Speaker Champ Clark when he felt it interfered with the legislative business of Congress. In 1962, the game came back after being played intermittently and has been played annually ever since.

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Nice old school Astros uniform. Reminds me of Nolan Ryan, Glenn Davis and Mike Scott.

Do you want to watch the whole game? I warn you, it is well over three hours. C-SPAN has it for you.

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