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House Chamber of the Capitol circa 1908, with a quorum of ghosts in this time exposure.
A Glimpse into the Past: Exploring the United States House of Representatives from 1908
Take a look back into history with this unique photo from 1908 of the United States House of Representatives. Learn about the laws passed, senators debating, and the socializing in the evening.
Exploring the U.S. Senate Chamber: A Drawing of the Thirtieth Congress
Take a look into the past with this drawing of the U.S. Senate chamber during the Thirtieth Congress. Learn more about the history of the U.S. Senate with this drawing from Duke University.
Congressional pages have snowball fight in 1923
A Snowball Fight to Solve Gridlock: How Fun Was This Photo of Congressional Pages Taken in 1923?
Take a look at this fun old photo taken on December 14th, 1923. It shows a large group of boys who were Congressional pages on both sides of the aisle, battling it out with snowballs. Wouldn't it be great if Members of Congress took this tactic to solve gridlock today?
proposed underground streetcar system - 1912
Original Subway Planned for Downtown D.C. in 1912
Washington DC almost has a subway started in 1912, well before WMATA and Metro opened in 1976. Learn about what almost was built in the District.
Screenshot 2022-12-17 5.05
Photo of Boyish Kennedy and Nixon
Discover a fascinating photo from 1947 featuring a very young John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon as peers during their time in the House of Representatives.
a proposed map of the federal district in Washington (1970)
Exploring the Possibility of True Home Rule in Washington, D.C.: The 1970 Proposal to Cede Part of the City Back to Maryland
In 1970, a bill was proposed to give most of Washington, D.C.'s land back to Maryland, in an effort to achieve true home rule. Explore the proposal in this article, which details the bill and the reactions of Congress members at the time.
Members of the Republican baseball team of the House of Representatives parading around the field at American League Park
The Republican Congressional Baseball Team Parading Around the Field at American League Park in 1926 - Plus, Don't Forget to Watch Ron Paul's Double in 1983!
Take a look back at the Republican Congressional baseball team parading around the field at American League Park in 1926. Plus, don't forget to watch Ron Paul's double in 1983 - and the awesome Houston Astros uniform he's wearing!
Providence Hospital in the early 1900s (Library of Congress)
The History of Providence Hospital and the Fight to Save Providence Park
Learn the history of Providence Hospital, the oldest hospital in Washington, DC, and the fight to save Providence Park, the green space that now occupies the original hospital site.
Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 12.55
Counting Electoral Votes for the 1916 Presidential Election - A Fascinating Photo from the Library of Congress
A fascinating photo from the Library of Congress shows the counting of electoral votes for the 1916 Presidential Election between Woodrow Wilson and Charles Hughes. Click on the photo to see the faces of the men, who all happen to be old white dudes.
pork barrel
Exploring the Changing Meaning of "Bringing Home the Bacon" in Washington
Explore the changing meaning of "Bringing Home the Bacon" in Washington, DC. Learn how pork got a bad rap in terms of money and a good one in terms of culinary cachet. Read about Mendel Rivers, John Stennis, and The Pig restaurant in this article.

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