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U.S. House of Representatives in Better Days
This photo shows the old United States House of Representatives in a time when laws were passed, senators would verbally spar on the floor, and spend the evening socializing over whiskey and cigars. The good old days. House Chamber of the Capitol circa 1908, with a quorum of ghosts in this time exposure.
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Exploring the U.S. Senate Chamber: A Drawing of the Thirtieth Congress
Take a look into the past with this drawing of the U.S. Senate chamber during the Thirtieth Congress. Learn more about the history of the U.S. Senate with this drawing from Duke University.
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A Snowy Solution To Gridlock: How Congressional Pages Battled It Out With Snowballs on December 14th, 1923
Take a look back to December 14th, 1923 when Congressional pages on both sides of the aisle battled it out with snowballs. What if Members of Congress took this tactic to solve gridlock today? Check out this old photo!
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Original Subway Planned for Downtown D.C. in 1912
Washington DC almost has a subway started in 1912, well before WMATA and Metro opened in 1976. Learn about what almost was built in the District.
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Photo of Boyish Kennedy and Nixon
Discover a fascinating photo from 1947 featuring a very young John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon as peers during their time in the House of Representatives.
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Exploring the Possibility of True Home Rule in Washington, D.C.: The 1970 Proposal to Cede Part of the City Back to Maryland
In 1970, a bill was proposed to give most of Washington, D.C.'s land back to Maryland, in an effort to achieve true home rule. Explore the proposal in this article, which details the bill and the reactions of Congress members at the time.
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The Republican Congressional Baseball Team Parading Around American League Park in 1926 & Ron Paul's Double in 1983
In 1926, the Republican Congressional baseball team paraded around American League Park in this rather strange photo. Don't forget to watch Ron Paul crank a double in 1983 - the Houston Astros uniform he's wearing is awesome!
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The Story of Providence Hospital - From Civil War to Providence Park
Follow the amazing journey of Providence Hospital, from a Civil War hospital to a park in the heart of the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Learn how neighbors fought to preserve the park and the failed attempts to redevelop the property.
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Counting Electoral Votes for the 1916 Presidential Election - A Fascinating Photo from the Library of Congress
A fascinating photo from the Library of Congress shows the counting of electoral votes for the 1916 Presidential Election between Woodrow Wilson and Charles Hughes. Click on the photo to see the faces of the men, who all happen to be old white dudes.
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Exploring the Changing Meaning of "Bringing Home the Bacon" in Washington
Explore the changing meaning of "Bringing Home the Bacon" in Washington, DC. Learn how pork got a bad rap in terms of money and a good one in terms of culinary cachet. Read about Mendel Rivers, John Stennis, and The Pig restaurant in this article.
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Exploring the U.S. Senate Subway in 1915
Take a journey to the past with this exploration of the historic U.S. Senate Subway in 1915. See the high-resolution version of the photo and share it with your Capitol Hill friends!
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Old Ebbitt Grill History
What is the history of Washington's famous Old Ebbitt Grill? It was founded in 1856 as the city's first saloon.
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U.S. House Bans Joy Rides in Government Automobiles
1914 Raush & Lang electric vehicle (Smithsonian) Amid the implosion of yet another DC council member this week (what part of public trust don’t you guys understand?), it’s only apropos to post a story like this. Cornelius Ford in 1913 (Washington Times) Sadly, our outrage is not something unique, as contemporary public officials are not the only geniuses that have leveraged...
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Charles Douglass Calls Swearing-in of Senator H.R. Revels One of the Greatest Days in the History of This Country, Tells His Father the Door Is Open and I Expect Yet to See You Pass In
The first black American seated as a US Senator was Hiram Rhodes Revels. Charles Douglass was in the Senate gallery that day and wrote a letter to his father, Frederick Douglass, calling it one of the greatest days in US history. Read the letter here!
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What Is The Flag of Washington, D.C.?
Washington, DC didn't have an official flag until the middle of the 20th century. The white background with two red stripes and three red stars was based on George Washington's family crest.
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Watch and Read Ronald Reagan's First State of the Union Address
Watch and read Ronald Reagan's first State of the Union address to Congress, given on January 26th, 1982. The best part is about 50 seconds into the clip. Original speech found on Wikipedia.
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Winston Churchill's Speech in Washington in 1941
Watch a video of Winston Churchill's speech in Washington in December 1941, just after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and read the most powerful quote from the speech. Learn more about the speech and related articles.
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Ron Paul Crushes Double During Congressional Baseball Game
Ron Paul hit a double during the Congressional baseball game in 1983 - see the full video here! Plus, find out why the game was banned in 1914 and how it came back in 1962.
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In Hotel Lobbies: Speaker Cannon Comments on Congressional Recess
Congressman Joseph G. Cannon of Illinois is considered by many as the most powerful Speaker of the House in American history. From 1903 to 1911 he was a congressman from Illinois, presiding over the United States House of Representatives. Congressman Joseph G. Cannon (Wikipedia) In December 1914, he was staying at the Willard Hotel. The Washington Post reported on him in their daily hotel...
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FDR's 1941 State of the Union: Four Freedoms Speech
This is one of the greatest State of the Union speeches of all time … the one given, twelve presidents ago, by Franklin D. Roosevelt on January 6th, 1941. If you want the full text of the speech, go here. (more…)
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