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Griffith Stadium from the air in 1960 (Wikipedia)
Remembering Griffith Stadium: The Demise of a D.C. Landmark
Remember the days of Griffith Stadium? Learn about the demise of this D.C. landmark, which was the site of three World Series, two All-Star games, and eight U.S. Presidents. Read the sad article from the Washington Post and watch a YouTube video to learn more.
Harmon Killebrew 1956 Topps baseball card
Washington Senators Move to Los Angeles in 1957
Did you know the Washington Senators almost moved to Los Angeles in 1957? This amazing and true story would have changed the outlook of baseball on both coasts.
Swampoodle Grounds (near present day Union Station), also known as Capitol Park, was the home of the Washington Nationals baseball team of the National League from 1886 to 1889.
This Fascinating Old Photograph Shows the Washington Nationals Playing at Swampoodle Grounds in the 1880s
This old photograph from the 1880s shows the Washington Nationals playing at Swampoodle Grounds. Click on the image to see amazing details. Source: Architect of the Capitol.
List of requirements for a municipal baseball stadium lease, including steps for building a stadium, the baseball club's rental obligations, the rights of the ball club, and the rights of the city.
Uncovering the Lease Requirements for a New Baseball Stadium in D.C.
Learn about the lease requirements for a new baseball stadium in D.C., as revealed in a document from the 1950s. Follow the history of the Washington Senators and the legacy of Clark Griffith in this fascinating story.
Matt Williams' grandfather, Washington Senators' Bert Griffith
Uncovering the Historic Family Connection Between Current Washington Nationals Manager Matt Williams and His Grandfather Bert (Buck) Griffith
Discover the historic family connection between current Washington Nationals manager Matt Williams and his grandfather, Bert (Buck) Griffith, who was a member of the only team from Washington to win the World Series. Read the full article to learn more.
Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 7.53
Discovering a Rare Photo of Walter Johnson and Gabby Street at the Detroit Public Library
Discover a rare photo of Walter Johnson and Gabby Street at the Detroit Public Library. Read the story behind it and listen to a 1939 radio broadcast of Walter Johnson calling a game. Source: Detroit Public Library.
Scorecard for 1886 baseball game between Washington Nationals and New York Giants; advertisements printed on borders of card. Printed on card: "Washington, New York." Handwritten on card: "Aug. 18, 1886, Washington, D.C." Penciled notations on scorecard.
Exploring the 1886 Washington Nationals Baseball Season Through Scorecards
Take a look back at the 1886 Washington Nationals baseball season through three scorecards from games against the New York Giants, Boston Beaneaters, and Boston Beaneaters. See the advertisements, handwritten notes, and penciled notations on the scorecards.
1920 Washington Senators
The Washington Senators in Spring Training of 1920: A Look Back at the Team Before They Became World Champs
Take a look back at the Washington Senators team during spring training of 1920. They came in sixth place that year, but a few years later they would become world champs!
Manager Stanley Harris, in the grandstand, presents President Coolidge with the baseball used to open the 1924 World Series (October 4th, 1924)
Grace Coolidge, First Lady & Baseball Fan: Witnessing the Washington Senators Win the 1924 World Series
Grace Coolidge, wife of President Calvin Coolidge, was an avid baseball fan and attended the 1924 World Series in Washington. Read about her experience and watch film footage of the game!
Firemen putting out the Boundary Field fire
The Fire that Destroyed our Old Ballpark: Boundary Field
GoDCer Rych sent in a couple great photos which piqued our interest in the fire that destroyed our old ballpark - Boundary Field. Learn more about the fire, the replacement stadium and the Washington Nationals (aka, Senators) of 1911.

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