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Lyndon Baines Johnson

Lady Bird Johnson Home Movies From the 1960s

Lyndon Baines Johnson
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The description below is cut straight from YouTube. This is a home movie from Lady Bird Johnson during the 1960s. The LBJ Library has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to these, so check them out. They’re also on Twitter and Facebook.

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The footage is outside and the film is silent. The film starts with Lady Bird Johnson and others posing in front of a house somewhere in Virginia? There are views of the house and unidentified women and a man posing and then unidentified people sitting/eating at tables.

The film cuts to Lady Bird Johnson posing by a wood fence, near a lake, giving what looks like a press conference. A school bus arrives. More unidentified people sitting on a wood fence, walking, and eating a tables. Shots of mountains and flowers.

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The next segment of the film features President Johnson and Mrs. Johnson at the White House, 1960s. White House flowers are showcased, and a beagle dog joins Lady Bird for a stroll.

Cut to what might be a White House reception for astronauts. There are people and a marching band playing on the White House lawn. Lady Bird Johnson, President Johnson and Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey talk to astronauts on the lawn. In the background photographers use their 1960s equipment to document the event.

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Cut to the presidential yacht trip in Washington, D.C.. Lady Bird Johnson and other unidentified people are present. There are views of the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument and a large ship. A woman seems to be taking notes with a typewriter.

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Cut to Lady Bird Johnson and other women in an unidentified place.

Cut to Presidential military reception at the White House. There is a military band playing on the White House lawn. An Honor Guard is at the ready. LBJ, Lady Bird, Hubert Humphrey and Muriel descend steps to the reception and form a receiving line.

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