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Lost History: Herzog’s Famous Sea Food Restaurant

waiter at Herzog's
Where was Herzog's famous sea food restaurant in Washington, DC? And, what did it look like?
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This is another shameful loss for Washington. The waterfront in SW used to be teeming with activity. (The fish market is really cool if you haven’t been.) The District is trying to reinvest and bring it back to life, taking better advantage of the Potomac.

Below is a great series of photographs of Herzog’s Famous Sea Food Restaurant, formerly located at 11th and Maine Ave. SW.

waiter at Herzog's
waiter at Herzog’s
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Herzog's waterfront restaurant
Herzog’s waterfront restaurant

The restaurant was operated by Henrietta Herzog and her husband Charles from 1912 until 1938. Henrietta was born in Zurich Switzerland and emigrated to the U.S. in 1902. Mrs. Herzog passed away in 1970.

Also, we dug up a cool postcard through the magic of the Internet.

Herzog's Famous Sea Food Restaurant
Herzog’s Famous Sea Food Restaurant

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