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Herzog’s Seafood Restaurant: A Washington, D.C. Dining Legacy

Where was Herzog's famous sea food restaurant in Washington, DC? And, what did it look like?
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This is another shameful loss for Washington. Herzog’s Restaurant, nestled within the Municipal Fish Market designed by Snowden Ashford and completed in 1918, was a beloved fixture in Washington, D.C.

Started in 1912 by Swiss natives, Henrietta and Charles Herzog, the establishment was celebrated for its prime second-floor location with a slender iron balcony offering panoramic views of the water. This balcony became a much-frequented spot, especially during summer months, due to the cool breezes it provided from the adjacent river.

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, Henrietta emigrated to the U.S. in 1902 and, alongside her husband Charles, operated the restaurant until 1938. Despite Henrietta selling the business post-retirement, Herzog’s continued to serve its patrons, preserving its legacy for balcony seafood dining until the 1950s. Henrietta Herzog left behind a lasting legacy, passing away in 1970.

Below is a great series of photographs of Herzog’s Famous Sea Food Restaurant (one from Facebook), formerly located at 11th and Maine Ave. SW.

waiter at Herzog's
waiter at Herzog’s
Herzog's waterfront restaurant
Herzog’s waterfront restaurant

Also, we dug up a cool postcard through the magic of the Internet and Flickr.

Herzog's Famous Sea Food Restaurant
Herzog’s Famous Sea Food Restaurant
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