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The Willard Hotel: A Second Look at the Amazing Detail of an Iconic Photo

The Willard Hotel in 1922 (Shorpy)
Take a closer look at the Willard Hotel with this iconic photo! Learn more about its fascinating history and amazing detail. #WillardHotel #DCHistory #DCGhostsOfDC
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We love the Willard Hotel. Who doesn’t? The place is full of amazing history. We posted a view from the top of the hotel last week and this week we’re posting a view of the hotel. We included this in the Calvin Coolidge post a while back, but the detail of this photo deserves a second look.

The Willard Hotel in 1922 (Shorpy)
The Willard Hotel in 1922 (Shorpy)

Click on the image for greater detail, because it’s pretty amazing. See if you can find anyone in the hotel peaking out the window. I couldn’t, but I’m sure there’s one hiding somewhere … maybe it’s a ghost.

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