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First Japanese Embassy in America: Ending Centuries of Isolationism
Dive into the captivating tale of Japan's 1860 leap from centuries of isolation to forging ties with the U.S. Uncover their daring voyage, America's samurai intrigue, and the birth of a legendary alliance.
Aerial view of the Willard Hotel during restoration, Washington, D.C.
Restoring Grandeur: The 1980s Renovation of the Willard Hotel
Take a look back at the Willard Hotel's major renovations in the 1980s with this aerial image of the iconic Washington, D.C. hotel. Learn more about the history of the Willard Hotel with this post!
dining room at the New Willard
Willard Hotel Photos From 1904
What did the Willard Hotel look like just after it was built in the early 1900s. This series of photos shows the ornate interior as it was back then.
Take a Trip Down Memory Lane: Peacock Alley in the Willard Hotel
Take a break from the negative news and take a trip down memory lane with this cool photo of Peacock Alley in the Willard Hotel. Date unknown, but estimated to be from the 1920s.
Uncovering a Historical Gem: the Willard Hotel around the Year 1904
Take a look at this amazing photo of the Willard Hotel from the year 1904. See what the building looked like in that era and click to learn more. Source: Library of Congress.
A menu for bottle liquors room service at the Willard Hotel.
Uncovering the Willard Hotel's Room Service Menu from the 1950s or 1960s
Uncovering a fascinating piece of DC history! Check out this old menu for the Willard Hotel's room service, dating back to the 1950s or 1960s. Learn more about this find at Discover DC History.
National Hotel in the 1920s
Exploring the Historic National Hotel: Where Presidents, Assassinations, and Dueling Were Once Plotted
A look at the historic National Hotel, once located at 6th & Pennsylvania Ave. Presidents and duels were plotted there, and John Wilkes Booth stayed there before Lincoln's assassination. The Newseum now stands in its place.
Willard Hotel in 1976
A Blast From the Past: An Amazing Photo of the Willard Hotel in 1976
Get a glimpse of history with this amazing photo from 1976 of the Willard Hotel, looking northwest across 14th St. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.
The Willard Hotel in 1904, view up 14th St. NW
A Glimpse of History: Viewing the Willard Hotel in 1904
Get a glimpse of history with this old photo of the Willard Hotel in 1904. View looking up 14th St. to the right and Pennsylvania Ave. to the left. Click the image to see a much larger version and be amazed by the details.
Officers Wallace, Trundle and Johnson (Washington Post)
The Incredible Story of Private Paul J. McDuff: A Ninth-Floor Rescue from the 1940s
This is the incredible story of Private Paul J. McDuff, as published in the Washington Post in June 1949. Three brave policemen saved McDuff from plunging to his death from the ninth-floor ledge of the Willard Hotel, in a scene of suspense and drama. Read the full story here!

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