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Rayful Edmond III: Washington D.C.'s Noted Drug Kingpin
Explore the rise and fall of Rayful Edmond III, D.C.'s infamous drug kingpin. From cocaine empire to present status.
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When Did the Washington Post Launch a Website?
The Washington Post launched their first website in June 1996 after a failed attempt at online news called Digital Ink.
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The Unsolved Mystery of Allen L. Adams, the Soldier Who Disappeared from Ft. Myer in 1967
The story of Allen L. Adams, a soldier who dropped out of high school in 1965 to join the Army and was stationed at Ft. Myer in 1967. He disappeared one night, and it wasn't until 1996 that his body was found in an abandoned building. This unsolved mystery still remains.
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Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with this AOL Commercial from the 1990s
Relive the days of the 1990s Internet with this nostalgic AOL commercial. Remember when AOL keywords and free CDs were commonplace? Take a trip down memory lane and watch this commercial today!
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A Trip Down Memory Lane - Exploring the "Lawyers' Row Block" in Arlington from the Early 1990s
Take a virtual trip down memory lane and explore the "Lawyers' Row Block" in Arlington during the early 1990s. See how this area has changed from then to now with a comparison of images from the Library of Congress and Google Street View.
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A Photo Shared by GoDC Reader Carol and a Former Tomb Guard's Perspective
Carol shared a cool photo with us, and we're hoping to get some insight from a former Tomb Guard. GoDCer Ben, can you add your comments below? See the photo and find out more here!
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The Story Behind the Story: How a Photo Made a Career for Bill O'Leary
Sometimes the story behind the story is almost as sensational as the original news. Learn the amazing tale of Bill O'Leary and how he captured the infamous photo of Marion Barry in handcuffs outside his home in southeast DC.
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The Day Steve Buckhantz Got the Scoop on Joe Gibbs' Retirement from the Redskins
Sports broadcaster and longtime Washington Wizards play-by-play voice Steve Buckhantz scored an incredible scoop in 1993 when he broke the news that Joe Gibbs planned to retire as head coach of the Washington Redskins. Get the full story here!
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A Rare Look at the White House from Marine One
Take a rare look at the White House from Marine One flight with this aerial view of the White House looking north. Source: Library of Congress.
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Time Warp: Welcome to Groundhog Day and the 1995 Federal Government Shutdown
Welcome to Groundhog Day! We revisit the 1995 Federal Government Shutdown and the West Wing episode it inspired. Plus, who plays Ted Cruz in the movie adaptation? Read more to find out!
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