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Basement below east terraces. 3 June 1991. - Lincoln Memorial, West Potomac Park, Washington, District of Columbia, DC
Exploring the Secret Basement of the Lincoln Memorial
Have you heard of the secret basement of the Lincoln Memorial? Join us as we explore this mysterious area and uncover its secrets.
The Mayflower Hotel
The Mayflower Hotel: FDR, Monica Lewinsky and the Walker Hotel and Apartments
The Mayflower Hotel has seen a lot of history, from FDR's famous "Nothing to Fear" speech to Monica Lewinsky's blue dress. Learn more about the "Grande Dame of Washington" and the Walker Hotel and Apartments.
William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton play catch in the Rose Garden. They are practicing for upcoming opening pitch ceremonies that both of them will participate in. 4/3/94.
The Clintons Playing Baseball in the Rose Garden: A Candid Moment from 1994
Relive a candid moment from 1994 with Bill & Hillary Clinton, as they practice for an Opening Day ceremony in the Rose Garden. See the original photo!
Apple Store in Georgetown
If Walls Could Talk: The History of 1229 Wisconsin Ave. NW (Georgetown Apple Store)
Explore the history of Georgetown's Apple Store, located at 1229 Wisconsin Ave NW. It's been many things, including a diner, a parking lot, ESPRIT Superstore, and a national chain of disposers of stolen property.
Exploring the Past Through Historic Photos of Washington, DC's Engine Company No. 24
Take a journey back in time with these historic photos of Washington, DC's Engine Company No. 24 from 1993. You can also explore more photos at the Library of Congress' site.
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Awesome Old Apartment Listings For Rent
How much was rent in Washington, DC back in the 1960s? Take a look at these ads for $125 a month in Dupont Circle.
The Bayou - June 1990
Take a Trip Back in Time - Check Out the Lineup from The Bayou at K St. in June 1990
Take a blast from the past and check out this lineup of acts from The Bayou at K St. and Wisconsin in June 1990. Phishheads won't want to miss Thursday, June 7th!
Bell Atlantic sign
Uncovering the History of DSL in Washington DC and Feeling Depressed About It
Uncovering an article from 1996 touting the benefits of the new DSL technology made me a little depressed. I'm still using the same technology today and paying far more than I should. Learn about the history of DSL in Washington DC.
A Letter From A GoDCer: A 20-Year-Old Documentary on Vintage DC Street Scenes
We love getting stuff like this from readers! Check out the 20-year-old documentary from a GoDCer that documents some vintage DC street scenes and urban storefronts, including the Dor-Ne Corset Shoppe, The Wiz Records, Fort Stevens Liquor Store and more. Watch the video on Youtube now!
Moe live at the 9:30 Club
Three Memorable Concerts at the 9:30 Club
Three memorable concerts from the 9:30 Club: Smashing Pumpkins opening night, Radiohead with Michael Stipe featuring Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, and Bob Dylan honing his craft. A must read for music fans of DC's past and present.

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