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LBJ throws out first pitch

President Johnson and Opening Day 1967

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We’re way late on this, but better late than never. This is a terrific photo shared with by old GoDC friend Phil. Thanks for sending this along Phil, and so sorry it took a little extra time to post it. We’ve posted a couple first pitch photos before (i.e., Clinton, Kennedy), and here is one showing LBJ.

LBJ throws out first pitch
LBJ throws out first pitch

Below is a list of the people in the photograph:

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Sen. Ed Muskie
Sen. John Pastore (in front of Muskie)
Larry O’Brien
Rep. John McCormack
President Johnson
Rep. Carl Albert (right over LBJ’s shoulder)
Mike Manatos
Sen. Margaret Chase Smith
MLB Comm. William “Spike” Eckert
Rufus Youngblood (Secret Service agent)
George “Twinkletoes” Selkirk (holding glove, General Manager of the Senators)
Sen. George Smathers (wearing hat, over Youngblood’s shoulder)
Gil Hodges (Manager of the Senators)
James Johnston (co-owner of Senators)
Ralph Houk (Manager of the Yankees)
Mike Burke (President of the Yankees)
Joe Burke (bottom right; Business Manager of the Senators)

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