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Celebrating 100 Years Since the Women’s Suffrage Parade: Walter Johnson’s Support for Women’s Right to Vote

Celebrate 100 years since the women's suffrage parade in Washington with an apropos article about Walter Johnson's support for women's right to vote. Learn more about his and his wife Hazel's marriage in Columbia Heights.
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This year marks the 100th anniversary of the women’s suffrage parade in Washington. Give the historical importance of that, and the fact that today is Opening Day, here’s an apro pos article for us to share with GoDCers.

Walter & Hazel Johnson in 1924 (Library of Congress)
Walter & Hazel Johnson in 1924 (Library of Congress)

We came across this one in the Washington Post, published on July 29th, 1914.

Special to The Washington Post.

St. Louis, Mo., July 28.–“My wife is a suffragette and she has converted me,” said Walter Johnson, the Washington pitcher, with the quarter of a million dollar arm, today as the Nationals departed.

“Mrs. Johnson is Nevada girl and has all the open-minded spirit of the West. She marched in the suffrage parade in Washington not too long ago, and I was proud of her, too. I believe firmly in the ballot for women.”

Mrs. Johnson, according to her husband, is more interested in politics than baseball.

“Of course she is glad when the Senators win,” laughed the Washington player, “but she is not very much depressed if we lose.”

Mrs. Johnson, according to her husband, will register in Kansas, and she will be a full-fledged voter in that State. Probably she will take the stump for Victor Murdock, her favorite candidate. She plans to take an active part in politics.

Johnson says that Mrs. Walter understands the intricacies of the tariff better than she does an “inshoot” or a slow “fadeaway.”

Also, don’t forget to read this old post about Walter and Hazel’s marriage in a Columbia Heights apartment.

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