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Walter Johnson and his son Eddie in 1938
Exploring Walter Johnson's Post-Baseball Life Through Hunting Dogs
Dive into the post-baseball life of Washington hero and Major League Baseball Hall of Famer, Walter Johnson, through his involvement with hunting dogs. Learn where his 130-acre farm near Germantown was located and more!
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Discovering a Rare Photo of Walter Johnson and Gabby Street at the Detroit Public Library
Discover a rare photo of Walter Johnson and Gabby Street at the Detroit Public Library. Read the story behind it and listen to a 1939 radio broadcast of Walter Johnson calling a game. Source: Detroit Public Library.
Walter Johnson in 1907
Walter Johnson's 18-Inning Performance: A Look Back at May 15th, 1918
On May 15th, 1918, Walter Johnson delivered an unforgettable performance as he pitched 18 innings in one game and won against the defending World Series Champion Chicago White Sox. Read to learn more about this incredible game and how it happened!
1925 Washington Senators
Celebrating the 89th Anniversary of the Washington Senators Opening Game at Griffith Stadium
Celebrate the 89th anniversary of the Washington Senators opening game at Griffith Stadium against the New York Yankees. Read more about the game, Walter Johnson, Lou Gehrig, and Babe Ruth's 1925 season!
Walter Johnson in 1939
Hear the Voice of Walter Johnson, The Greatest Pitcher of All Time
Thanks to the magic of the Internet Archive, we were able to uncover an audio recording of Walter Johnson, the greatest pitcher of all time. Hear his voice from 1939 and learn about the game's box score from The Washington Post.
Walter Johnson becomes "Chief Heavy Breast"
Walter Johnson Becomes 'Chief Heavy Breast': A Photo From Griffith Stadium
In light of the ongoing debate about the Redskins, this is either very apropos or very inappropriate. See the photo of Walter Johnson with Blackfeet Indians at Griffith Stadium sent in by GoDCers Ben.
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Uncovering the Johnson Family of Humbolt, Kansas: The Early Life of Baseball Legend Walter Johnson
Uncovering the Johnson Family of Humbolt, Kansas: We dug up a rare U.S. Census record from 1900 showing the family of 12-year-old Walter Johnson, who would eventually become one of the greatest pitchers in the history of baseball. See the full page here!
Walter Johnson's wife buried. This photograph was taken at the funeral of Mrs. Walter Johnson, wife of the manager of the Washington baseball club. Those in the picture, reading from left to right, include: Mrs. Frank N. Johnson of Coffeyville, Kas., his mother; Walter Johnson; Edwin Johnson, a son; Edwin R. Roberts, Mayor of Reno candidate for the governorship of Nevada, Mrs. Johnson's father; Carolyn and Robert, two of the younger Johnson children, and at the extreme right, the Rev. Joseph E. Williams, pastor of the Bethesda, Md. Episcopal Church, where the Johnsons worshipped
Remembering Hazel Johnson (née Hazel Lee Roberts): The Tragic Death of Washington Great Walter Johnson's Wife
Remembering Hazel Johnson (née Hazel Lee Roberts): The tragic death of Washington great Walter Johnson's wife on August 1st, 1930 took its toll on the entire nation. Read about the day Walter and Hazel were married and the Baltimore Sun article about her death.
Jordan Zimmermann in action
Jordan Zimmermann’s Spectacular Performance Pales in Comparison to Walter Johnson’s Scoreless Streak in 1913
Jordan Zimmermann’s stunning 1-0 one-hit victory over the Cincinnati Reds Friday night was an impressive feat, but it pales in comparison to Walter Johnson’s remarkable streak of 55 2/3 consecutive innings without allowing a run in 1913.
Walter Johnson in 1939
A Special Gift to the Big Train: Six Baseballs Autographed by Six Presidents
Walter Johnson's special gift to the National Baseball Museum at Cooperstown, New York was six baseballs autographed by six presidents: Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover. With the exception of those autographed by Roosevelt and Hoover, the balls were thrown out at opening games during Johnson's tenure as star pitcher for the Washington Senators.

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