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Introducing the Ghosts of DC’s ‘In the Paper’ Category: Our First Newspaper Page from 1912

Introducing the Ghosts of DC's new 'In the Paper' category. We kick it off with a newspaper page from 1912. See it in high resolution and join the community discussion below!
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Today we’re kicking off a new Ghosts of DC category called “In the Paper,” where we will post an entire page from an old newspaper, and adding just a bit of commentary.

These newspaper pages will be shared in high resolution so you will be able to read the whole thing and we’d love to get some GoDC community comments and discussion going below. Think of it as our audience participation category, so get into these articles, read them and find some interesting stuff to discuss with your fellow GoDCers.

Here’s our first one, from the Washington Times, published exactly 100 years ago. Click on it to get a bigger version.

The Washington Times - October 31st, 1912 - page 8
The Washington Times – October 31st, 1912 – page 8
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