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The Evolution of Taxi Fares in Washington D.C. from Zone System to Meters
For 70+ years, DC taxis used zone fares, but proposals for meters instead sparked endless debates. This history explores DC's zone system, the battle over meters vs. zones, and how meters finally replaced zones in 2008.
The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same
A deep dive into a 1923 newspaper reveals America struggled with familiar issues like racism, prohibition, and budget woes amid intense social change. Comparing eras shows our past holds lessons to guide us through modern tumult.
view down Pennsylvania Ave. in 1905 during Roosevelt's inauguration
The Height Debate in Washington: Examining a Letter to The Washington Post from 1905
We thought it would be interesting to dig up a previous argument from the archives of The Washington Post. Read a letter to the editor, originally printed in April 1905, and learn more about its author.
1904 Columbia Heights Real Estate Ad
What was real estate like in Columbia Heights back in 1904? Take a look at this lovely old advertisement.
History of Washington's Suburbs
This is a great old map of the Washington area from 1961 showing all the real estate developments as featured by The Washington Post. We transcribed all 57 neighborhoods and their brief descriptions below. It’s quaint to read all the listings and the directions provided to get to the subdivisions. Remember reading directions or maps to get somewhere? Even printing Mapquest directions seems antiquated. Thanks to Google Maps and Waze, we’re never lost right? Or are we always lost with no...
Criminal Automobiles: A Letter to the Editor
The most practical remedy is to establish government dispensaries for limited sales to good citizens who are not drunkards. This will eventually be done.
The Last New Year's Eve Before Prohibition: December 31st, 1919
It's hard to believe that 2020 is nearly upon us, but it's also hard to imagine what it must have been like on December 31st, 1919 - the last New Year's Eve before Prohibition was enforced. Take a look at this mildly amusing cartoon from The Washington Times.
Glenn Martin's Predictions for the Future of Aviation in 1953
Take a look at the predictions made by Glenn Martin in 1953 for the future of aviation. See how different today is from what he envisioned, including atomic-powered planes, helicopters, and fully automatic flight operations.
February 22nd, 1919
Exploring History Through a 1919 Newspaper: The Evening Star
Join us as we explore history through a 1919 newspaper - The Evening Star. We look at stories such as the origin of "Keeping Up With the Joneses" and Dry Detective Slain in Rosslyn. Plus, income exceptions for 1918 babies, driver right-of-way and McLean farm for sale.
Whitehurst Freeway / Rock Creek & Potomac Parkway, Washington, District of Columbia, DC
The Whitehurst Freeway: Diverting Traffic Around Georgetown Since 1949
The Whitehurst Freeway has been diverting traffic around Georgetown since 1949. Learn more about the history of this elevated expressway, its role in the city's infrastructure, and the battles over freeways in the late 1960s.

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