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The Fascinating History of Selling Balloons on the Streets of D.C.
Discover the fascinating history of balloon selling on the streets of Washington D.C. in the 1930s, including how much money vendors like Joe the Greek could make in an afternoon.
Washington, D.C., circa 1918. "Childs Restaurant, 1423 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W." Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative.
An Analysis of the 1900 Washington Post Article on Horses and Automobiles
This analysis of a 1900 Washington Post article on the advent of automobiles shows a disregard for the new technology, with horse dealers even calling it a fad. A photo of 14th and Pennsylvania in 1918 shows both horses and automobiles.
The President's 40-horsepower White Model M steam-powered touring car. March 1909. Photographed on the White House grounds in the early days of the Taft administration. In the back is the State Department, now the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. George Grantham Bain Collection.
No More Foreign Cars! They're an Abomination - A Look Back at the Hyperbole of 1909
Nearly 110 years ago, The Baltimore Sun published an opinion piece decrying foreign cars as an abomination and a detriment to the economy. Take a look back at the hyperbolic yet surprisingly familiar rhetoric of 1909 America.
1860s photo of a hackman and his hackney (in London)
Uncovering the Fascinating History of Washington's Hackmen: Pre-dating Uber Drivers by 160 Years
A fascinating look at the history of Washington's hackmen, who provided transportation to locals and visitors alike, pre-dating Uber drivers by about 160 years. Read on for old stories about the hackmen of the city, the growth of the business and the need for regulation and licensing.
Third in a series of four panoramic photographs of Washington, D.C., from left to right (west to east) taken from a tower in the Smithsonian Institution Building. The Mall area is covered with trees. The streets on the left perpendicular to the Mall are 12th Street and 11th Street. The long building on the right is Center Market bounded by Pennsylvania Avenue, Constitution Avenue, 7th and 9th Streets, N.W. Up and behind Center Market on the right, the large building is the Pension Bureau Building bounded by F and G Streets, N.W., between 4th and 5th Streets, designed by General Montgomery C. Meigs, completed in 1887, later occupied by many government agencies and now known as the National Building Museum
Is Washington the Most Beautiful City in the World?
Explore the beauty of Washington DC, the US capital, and why many people believe it is the most beautiful city in the world. Learn about the McMillan Plan, the unbuilt Grant Memorial, and Frederick Law Olmsted. Read the full article from 1907.
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The Sad Reality of D.C. Lacking National Representation
Discover the sad reality of D.C. lacking national representation through this print found in The Evening Star. Visit the Dig DC Collection by the DC Public Library to learn more.
cutaway drawing of the Evening Star Building
This Cutaway Drawing of the Evening Star Building is Amazing
Check out this amazing cutaway drawing of the Evening Star Building at 11th and Pennsylvania Ave. NW. We posted a great photo of it some time ago, but this was something we had to share. The image was printed in the Evening Star on May 10th, 1922.
corporal punishment
Washington Post Exposes Corporal Punishment in District Schools in 1930
This article from the April 17th, 1930 issue of The Washington Post exposes corporal punishment in the District's schools. Read more about the shocking incident that was reported to the Board of Education.
The Alexandria Gazette - January 2nd, 1904
Exploring Alexandria History: A Look at the Front Page of the Alexandria Gazette 110 Years Ago
Take a look back in time with us as we explore Alexandria history with a peek at the front page of the Alexandria Gazette exactly 110 years ago, on January 2nd, 1904. See the original page from the Library of Congress.
Merry Christmas GoDCers: Revisiting the Christmas Day Front Pages of 1913 Washington
Today marks the 100th anniversary of the front pages of The Washington Times and The Washington Herald in 1913. GoDCers, have a Merry Christmas and take a look back at what the holiday looked like in DC a century ago!

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