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John Kerry's Georgetown residence
Exploring Georgetown's 3300 Blocks: Three Homes of Notable United States Senators Named John
Explore the streets of Georgetown, DC and uncover the homes of three notable United States Senators all named John - JFK, Kerry and Edwards - who all ran for president. Learn about their homes and their impact on the nation.
Letter from John F. Kennedy nominating his Cabinet - January 20th, 1961
Uncovering History: The Letter John F. Kennedy Sent on Inauguration Day 1961 Nominating his Cabinet
Uncovering a piece of history: see the letter John F. Kennedy sent on Inauguration Day 1961 nominating his cabinet and watch his amazing inauguration address.
JFK in the Oval Office
Revisiting the Oval Office with John F Kennedy in Rare Old Film Footage (in German)
Relive the days of John F Kennedy in the Oval Office with this rare old film footage. The narration in this clip is in German - revisit the past with JFK and experience a piece of history!
Kennedy and Shermarke in 1962
The Forgotten State Visit Of Prime Minister Shermarke To The White House 361 Days Before Kennedy's Assassination
Discover the forgotten state visit of Dr. Abdirashid Ali Shermarke, Prime Minister of the Somali Republic, to the White House on November 27th, 1962 - 361 days before Kennedy's assassination. View the rare film footage and the gift he gave the President!
President and Mrs. Kennedy arrive in San Antonio - November 21st, 1963 (Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum)
President Kennedy's Non-Political Texas Trip, Two Days Before He Was Assassinated
On November 20th, 1963, President Kennedy made a 'non-political' trip to Texas, the Vice President's home state. Two days later, he was assassinated. Read more here to learn about the events leading up to his tragic death.
Spring Valley Baist real estate map in 1913
Exploring the History of Spring Valley, Au Park and Wesley Heights
Join us as we explore the history of DC's Spring Valley, AU Park & Wesley Heights neighborhoods. From WWI munitions to the home of Bucky Harris, discover the stories behind these areas!
Air Force One lands in Dallas, November 22nd, 1963
The Air Force One Record-Setting Flight to Moscow in 1963
On May 20th, 1963, the Washington Post reported on the record-setting flight of Air Force One to Moscow. The 8-million-dollar Boeing 707 shattered 14 air records and buried a Soviet myth. Read more about this historic flight!
JFK at Bowling Green State University
Watching Former Senator and President Eisenhower Mess Up on Camera from the Mid-1950s
Check out this fascinating video from the mid-1950s of former Senator and President Eisenhower messing up on camera. It's a great reminder of how far we've come since then!
Picture 10
John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address: An Analysis of One of the Most Powerful Speeches of All Time
An in-depth look at one of the most powerful and important inaugural addresses of all time. Read the text or watch the full speech to see why this is something worth watching in its entirety. Includes a famous quote, start watching at 13:45.
Picture 4
Remembering JFK: A Powerful Video of the Kennedy Family Leaving the White House
A powerful and moving video of the Kennedy family leaving the White House after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Jackie Kennedy is also seen visiting JFK's grave in Arlington Cemetery.

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