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"Past and present in locomotives. Eckington Yards, June 4, 1923." A closeup of the locomotive in the Baltimore & Ohio rail yard during the Masonic convention in Washington, D.C. The big engine wears the livery of "Boumi Temple," a Baltimore Shrine lodge. 5x7 glass negative.

Photo of Eckington Rail Yard in 1923

We came across a great photo via Shorpy’s Twitter handle this weekend. It shows the old Eckington rail yard back in the 1920s. Check out the map of the same area from 1919. Today, this area is occupied by the

Eckington streetcar accident (1919)

Officials Probe Eckington Streetcar Disaster

This looks bad. And, it is as bad as it looks. I came across this old photo on Shorpy (of course). It was a major streetcar derailment that injured 35 passengers, resulting in the arrest of both the motorman and

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