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Exploring the History of Washington D.C.'s Eckington Rail Yard
Take a look back at the history of Washington D.C.'s Eckington Rail Yard with rare photos from the 1920s, a map from 1919, and a modern comparison to the FedEx shipping center at the intersection of New York Ave. and Florida Ave.
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Uncovering the Life of White House Police Officer Roland Ford
Digging through the Library of Congress archives, we uncovered the life of Roland Ford, a White House police officer. Learn more about his life and his connection to President Roosevelt in this post.
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If Walls Could Talk: Super Liquor - House of Cards Edition
Like most of D.C., probably the country, we’re obsessed with House of Cards. It’s a little over the top, but sometimes that’s the beauty of it. Unfortunately, we don’t often expect movies about Washington to be largely filmed in the District or even have accurate portrayals of our fair city. But, House of Cards is one of the better shows when it comes to this. The Metro scenes...
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They Were Neighbors: Annie O'Connell and The Irish Block
Every time I see an old photo like this on Shorpy, I want to know more about the person staring back at me. Where did they live? What was their occupation? Who were their family members? Who were their neighbors? I started this blog eight weeks ago (wow, feels a lot longer than that) with the intention of focusing on stories of regular Washingtonians. We’ve had the chance to meet some interesting...
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The Horrific Eckington Streetcar Accident of 1919: Robbery Amidst the Chaos
Read about the horrific Eckington streetcar accident of 1919 that injured 35 passengers and resulted in the arrest of both the motorman and the conductor. Shockingly, amidst the chaos, two passengers were robbed of their belongings.
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