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Exploring a 1906 Coca-Cola Ad and the Dreyfus Affair
We love old ads here at Ghosts of DC and this is a great one from The Evening Star, printed on June 24th, 1906. Three weeks later, Alfred Dreyfus was exonerated, bringing an end to the Dreyfus Affair.
1616 Allison St. NW
A Glimpse Into The Past: This Home For Sale in Crestwood, Washington DC in 1922
This is an old ad from The Evening Star printed on Saturday, November 11th, 1922. It's a home for sale in Crestwood at 1616 Allison St. NW. Check out the Google Street View today and see the past come alive!
Columbia Heights homes
Uncovering the Mystery of Homes Advertised in 1912 in The Evening Star
Take a look back in time to uncover the mystery of homes advertised in The Evening Star in 1912. See the Google Street View to find out what these homes look like today.
Connecticut Avenue Highlands advertisement in 1910
A Look Back at Connecticut Avenue Highlands (Now Cleveland Park) in 1910
Take a look back at Connecticut Avenue Highlands (now Cleveland Park) in 1910 with this old advertisement. Check out more of our awesome old ads here!
1921 ad for Columbia Heights homes
A Look Back at 1921 Real Estate Prices in Columbia Heights
Real estate prices in Columbia Heights have changed drastically since 1921. Take a look back at the prices and see just how much they have changed using the consumer price index and an online calculator.
1932 Washington Post apartment listings
1932 Apartment Listings for D.C.
Check out rental priced in Washington from 1932. This is going to make you feel bad about what you're paying today.
REO Speed Wagon advertisement
A Closer Look at the Origin of REO Speedwagon's Band Name
In this post, we take a closer look at the origin of REO Speedwagon's band name. It was derived from a 1919 advertisement in The Washington Post for an early precursor to the pick-up truck. Read on to learn more trivia and watch a great video!
3904 Legation St. NW
A Look Back at Chevy Chase: Comparing the 1921 Price of $15,000 to the 2021 Price of $1.145 Million
Take a look back at Chevy Chase in 1921 and compare it to the current 2021 prices. This beautiful old home was listed at $15,000 in 1921 and is currently for sale at $1.145 million. See what else has changed!
Uncovering the History of the Golden Garter Sign in Washington, DC
Join us as we uncover the history of the iconic Golden Garter sign in Washington, DC. We take a look at the past of 639 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, from Roaring Twenties East to Remington's. #WashingtonDC #History
1926 Brookland real estate advertisement
A Look Back at a 1926 Real Estate Advertisement for Brookland
Take a look back to 1926 and an old real estate advertisement for Brookland, as found in The Washington Post. Read on to learn more about this historic advertisement!

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