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Discovering Historic Apartment Listings From 1932 - How Many Buildings Do You Recognize?
Take a journey back in time with these 1932 apartment listings. See any buildings that you recognize, or maybe lived in? Add your commentary below and share your discoveries!
The Parkside - 1702 Summit Pl. NW
Check Out These Old Apartment Ads from 1932 - The Washington Post
Take a look back in time with these amazing apartment advertisements from July 3rd, 1932. These were printed in The Washington Post and feature buildings that still stand today. We've got more amazing listings to share later this week - stay tuned!
real estate listings - July 21st, 1916
Exploring Real Estate Listings from The Washington Post, July 21st, 1916
We recently came across some old real estate listings from The Washington Post, printed on July 21st, 1916. Check out the incredible differences between then and now!
Wesley Heights -1891
Take a Look at this Fascinating Advertisement from The Washington Post in 1891
Discover a piece of history with this incredible old advertisement from The Washington Post in 1891. Take a look and explore a fascinating moment in time!
The Washington Herald - August 31st, 1919
Uncovering the Institute for Physical Development: Two Vintage Ads from 1919
Take a look back in time with us as we uncover two vintage advertisements from 1919 featuring the Institute for Physical Development. See what life was like in Washington, DC a century ago!
Hillbrook advertisement 1918
Our First Look at Hillbrook: An Ad from 1918
Take a look at this ad from 1918 and see the history of Hillbrook. If you're from the area or know someone that lives there, make sure to pass this along and see if anyone recognizes the buildings in the ad.
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From 1922: Check Out This Bizarre Advertisement for Mastin's Vitamon Tablets
See an unusual advertisement from January 8th, 1922 for Mastin's Vitamon Tablets. Learn more about this weird ad from the Library of Congress.
December 31st, 1949
A Look Back: An Ad from The Washington Post December 31st, 1949
Take a look back in time with this advertisement from The Washington Post, December 31st, 1949. Click on the image for a larger version.
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A Look at the Beautiful Development Around Sheridan Circle in 1911
Take a look back at the beautiful development around Sheridan Circle in 1911 with this advertisement from The Washington Herald. Learn more about the history of this area in DC.
Howard University of 1919
Dive into History: An Incredible Advertisement from Howard University in 1919
Take a trip back in time and explore this incredible advertisement from Howard University in 1919! Learn more about this fascinating piece of history.

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