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Big Mac’s Golden Garter: 1960’s Capitol Hill Go-Go Bar

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We received a great tweet from @capitolization a while ago and wanted to do a little digging into the history of the Golden Garter sign.

Remington’s at 639 Pennsylvania Ave. NW closed after 34 years of business. Their sign was removed and behind it was a piece of 1960s D.C. history.

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Below is an advertisement from The Washington Post from June 2nd, 1968. If you were an attractive young woman, this was a good place for you to work.

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Golden Garter advertisement
Golden Garter advertisement

Before the go-go bar, the place was an old-fashioned honky tonk bar called Roaring Twenties East. And, they also were in the market for attractive young women employees in the ad below from 1966.

Roaring Twenties East advertisement
Roaring Twenties East advertisement
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