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Uncovering the History of the Golden Garter Sign in Washington, DC

Join us as we uncover the history of the iconic Golden Garter sign in Washington, DC. We take a look at the past of 639 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, from Roaring Twenties East to Remington's. #WashingtonDC #History
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We received a great tweet from @capitolization a while ago and wanted to do a little digging into the history of the Golden Garter sign.

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Remington’s at 639 Pennsylvania Ave. NW closed after 34 years of business. Their sign was removed and behind it was a piece of 1960s D.C. history.

Below is an advertisement from The Washington Post from June 2nd, 1968. If you were an attractive young woman, this was a good place for you to work.

Golden Garter advertisement
Golden Garter advertisement

Before the go-go bar, the place was an old-fashioned honky tonk bar called Roaring Twenties East. And, they also were in the market for attractive young women employees in the ad below from 1966.

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Roaring Twenties East advertisement
Roaring Twenties East advertisement

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