Washington, DC history

The lost and untold history of Washington, DC.

Grace Reformed Church circa 1905

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Teddy Roosevelt Berates Child for Taking His Photo

Here is an interesting article about President Teddy Roosevelt attending church, and then verbally berating a child for trying to take his photograph. Roosevelt was attending church at 15th and O St., for the 11 o’clock...

telegram from Ho Chi Minh to Harry Truman

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Telegram From Ho Chi Minh to Harry Truman

This is an interesting bit of history that we dug up at the National Archives. It’s a telegram from Ho Chi Minh to Harry Truman from February 28th, 1946.

Newsmen in front of the Capitol Building

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Newsmen in Front of the Capitol Building

I’ve never seen this photo. It appears to be sometime around the 1910s. Source: Cornell University Library

Bridge ("Memorial Bridge in honor of U.S. Grant"), Washington, D.C. and Arlington, Virginia. Perspective rendering & section

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The Unbuilt Ulysses Grant Memorial Bridge

Another former president lost out getting a memorial here in D.C. Civil War general and president, Ulysses S. Grant almost had a glorious bridge built in his honor, connecting Arlington to Washington. Here is an article...

Richard Nixon's letter of resignation

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Nixon’s Resignation Letter

Another great gem we dug up at the National Archives is this image of Richard Nixon’s resignation letter, initialed by Henry Kissinger at 11:35 a.m. on August 9th, 1974.

isometrical view of Taft Memorial Bridge

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Cool Isometric Cutaway of Taft Memorial Bridge

Check these out … what a cool diagram of Taft Memorial Bridge. We dug this one up at the Library of Congress.  

plan for the proposed National Library at Judiciary Square

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Proposed National Library at Judiciary Square

Obviously, our national library is not at Judiciary Square, but before we committed to building the Library of Congress on Capitol Hill, there were some other proposals evaluated. Below are two drawings of the proposed library...

Redskins Superbowl parade in 1988

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Remember When We Won in ’87? The Redskins Super Bowl Parade

Oh, these were the good old days. Hail to the Redskins! RGIII, we need you!

Richard Nixon at the Washington Senators versus the New York Yankees baseball game on Opening Day. 4/6/69.

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Nixon With Kid at Senators vs. Yankees Game

Here is a fun color photograph of President Nixon at the Senators game on Opening Day, back in 1969.

General view of the city from the south toward the Treasury Building and the White House. Cows are grazing near Tiber Creek.

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When Cows Grazed by the White House

This is so amazing. The National Archives has a ton of incredible photographs that we dug through this past weekend. Check this out. You can clearly see the Treasury Department and the White House to its...

proposed Roosevelt memorial

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The Unbuilt Teddy Roosevelt Memorial

Many of you probably don't know this, but there easily could have been another monument to a president in Washington, D.C. Teddy Roosevelt was lionized and revered as a heroic president and in the 1920s, shortly...

Capitol Dome under construction in 1860

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Capitol Dome Under Construction

Here is an old photograph from around 1860, showing the Capitol Dome under construction. I don’t think I’ve seen or posted this one before.

Lincoln Memorial under construction

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Lincoln Memorial Under Construction

I took a trip down to the Lincoln Memorial this past weekend for the first time in quite a while. So, I thought it was appropriate to dig up an old photograph from the days when...

John Russell Pope’s Competition Proposal for a Monument to Abraham Lincoln , 1912

The Best Of

Other Proposed Designs for the Lincoln Memorial

These are amazing. This is a series of images depicting alternate versions of the proposed Lincoln Memorial. These we all designed in 1912. We dug these up at the National Archives. Check out the rest of...

Bird's-eye view of Pennsylvania Avenue west from 18th Street, Washington, D.C., showing the Department of Commerce

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Bird’s-Eye View West on Pennsylvania Ave. From 18th St.

This is a view from the building at the corner of 18th and Pennsylvania. It was taken somewhere around the 1920s. Source: Library of Congress

Greenbelt as seen from the air during construction (Library of Congress)

Why Is It Named...?

Why Is It Named Greenbelt?

The area we now know as Greenbelt, Maryland, started in 1937 as a public cooperative community during the New Deal. Interestingly, it was one of three affordable, “green” towns planned a few years earlier by Rexford...

scenes from Rock Creek Park

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Amazing Scenes from Rock Creek Park in 1912

Does anyone recognize these photos? Take a look and see if you can place these locations in today’s Rock Creek Park. This is a series of great photos from the Library of Congress. They were taken...

opening day at National Airport (source: MWAA)

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June 16th, 1941: The Day National Airport Opened for Business

Who doesn’t love National Airport (correct, not Reagan)? There is no argument that the approach from the north as you’re landing, has the best views of any approach to a major urban airport. Just make sure...