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A Journey Through Time: An Iconic 1928 Photograph of the Washington Monument

Take a journey back in time to 1928 and view an iconic photograph of the Washington Monument. This remarkable image captures the timeless appeal of the monument and serves as a reminder of America's rich history.
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Taken in 1928, this remarkable old photograph features the iconic Washington Monument in all its glory. The monument, which stands at 555 feet and 5 inches, has served as a symbol of American history and democracy since its completion in 1884. The photo captures the monument in an earlier time, offering a glimpse into the past and the enduring legacy of the nation’s capital.

Viewing the photo in detail can transport the viewer to a different era, from the vintage cars on the streets to the attire of the pedestrians. The photograph is a testament to the monument’s timeless appeal and serves as a reminder of the country’s rich history and the enduring spirit of the American people.

Washington Monument in 1928
Washington Monument in 1928

Source Library of Congress

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