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The Strange Story of Jody the Poodle Who Was Dognapped in Friendship Animal Hospital in 1956

This strange story from the Washington Post in 1956 tells the tale of Jody, a black French poodle who was dognapped from Friendship Animal Hospital. We take a look at the strange story and the history of dognapping.
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What a bizarre story this is. This poor poodle was dognapped while being boarded at Friendship Animal Hospital. We found this story in The Washington Post, printed on February 7th, 1956.

A black, pedigreed French poodle–with fancy hairdo and all–was stolen sometime Sunday night or yesterday from the Friendship Animal Hospital, 4615 41st st. nw., hospital owner William C. Ready told police.

The poodle, a female named Jody, was taken from a cage in the rear of the hospital where she was being boarded by Rita Augusterfer, 8207 Moorland lane, Bethesda.

No word in the papers on whether Jody was recovered. Call in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

Ace Ventura
Ace Ventura

Ok, no joke, but dognapping has a detailed entry in Wikipedia.

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