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It’s Never Good: A Look Back at Mary Culberson’s Drunk Driving Incident and Her Father’s Residence

1818 & 1820 19th St. NW
In 1929, Mary Culberson, daughter of the late Senator Charles A. Culberson, was arrested for drunk driving. We look back at her story and her father's residence in 1820 19th St. NW. Get the details here!
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It’s never good when your name gets in the paper for drunk driving, especially if your late father was a United States Senator.

Below is a great example of how you don’t want to be represented in the paper. This is from January 25th, 1929, when the Washington Post wrote about the intoxicated adventures of Mary Culberson.

Miss Mary E. Culberson, 26 years old, daughter of the late Senator Charles A. Culberson, of Texas pleaded not guilty when arraigned before Judge Isaac R. Hitt in Traffic Court yesterday on charges of driving while intoxicated and leaving after colliding. She was freed in bond of $1,000 for jury trial.

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After a wild chase through the downtown section, Miss Culberson was arrested in front of 316 Pennsylvania avenue northwest Wednesday night. Policeman G. W. Ward, of the Traffic Bureau, said he pursued an automobile driven by Miss Culberson for six blocks before overtaking her.

Prior to her arrest, Miss Culberson is alleged to have struck five automobiles. The only charge of ‘hit-and-run’ placed against the young woman was based on the complaint of Harold Southard of 3621 Newark street northwest, owner of one of the cars damaged.

Miss Culberson is a relative of current Congressman John Culberson, also of Texas.

Below is the residence occupied by the Culberson family when Charles was the Senator from Texas. They lived in 1820 19th St. NW, the house on the right.

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1818 & 1820 19th St. NW
1818 & 1820 19th St. NW

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