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Check out this Photo from 1930: A Lacrosse Game at Central High School

Take a look at this photo from 1930 of a lacrosse game at Central High School (now Cardozo). Check out the British and American teams in their uniforms and find out who won the game!
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Check out this photo from around 1930. What is up with the ridiculous striped uniforms? This is a shot of a lacrosse game being held at Central High School (now Cardozo).

Lacross game at Central High School circa 1930 (Shorpy)
Lacrosse game at Central High School circa 1930 (Shorpy)

The game was between Oxford-Cambridge and St. John’s College of Annapolis on April 1st, 1930. The Washington Post wrote bout the British star athletes touring the east coast, making their stop at the D.C. high school.

The first major lacrosse game of the season will be staged in Central High School stadium this afternoon, marking the first appearance of the champion St. John’s College Team, of Annapolis, as well as the first game of a long series arranged for the Oxford-Cambridge Twelve, making its third invasion of the country in quest of the John Flannery Cup.

Officials of many of the foreign embassies here have accepted invitations to witness this game and a large number of Washington’s growing list of followers of the stick game are expected to fill the stands when play is started at 4 o’clock.

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Little is known of the comparative strength of the two teams. The team which won the intercollegiate title last year for St. John’s has been largely rebuilt by Coach Dinty Moore, former Johns Hopkins star, due to the loss of many players by graduation last June. He has had little opportunity to see his squad under fire this spring.

The last tour of the Oxford-Cambridge twelve in 1926 was not very successful. Twelve of the thirteen American teams met gained victories, many by narrow margins, however. In 1922 the Flannery Cup was carried back to England by virtue of eight victories in fifteen games.

The game between the Brits and the Americans wasn’t close, with St. John’s winning 7-2. However, this was the only loss for the Oxford-Cambridge team during their tour. In aggregate, the Brits scored 114 goals over the American teams’ 36 goals … it should be noted that a number of the British players were actually American Rhodes scholars studying in England.

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